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I tried to revive the discussion on this 2 year-old thread but that hasn't worked... So, I'm posting here in hopes that I can get some dialog going...

You see, I am looking for a device to play MP3 audio files (*.mp3) sourced from DVD±R/DVD±RW discs. I would ideally like a multi-changer unit which can randomize/shuffle amongst different discs. Getting it turned on and started playing without a video display would also be required as this will be hooked into a whole-house audio system - driven by infrared. Something $300 or less would be preferred. Any suggestions?

I tried looking through manufacturer web sites and product manuals but most are either silent on the fact of whether they support MP3s from DVD media or they mention CD support for MP3s but not DVD. So I'm not sure if they just aren't listing support or if DVD media isn't supported for MP3s. I'm hoping I can find some folks out there who have a player who can do such a thing and solve my problem.

Thanks to any and all who can provide some advice. Thanks!!

- Eric