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Power-on/off using 12V trigger question

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I've searched through the forum a bit but couldn't find an exact match to my situation. I'm using my HTPC as my Pre/Pro with analog audio going to a 5ch power amp. I've got a Logitech universal remote programmed to control power on/off for my TV/vid monitor and also the controls of the Media Center software. I do not sleep/hibernate my HTPC. I leave it up and running 24/7. It is networked with 3 other PCs in the house P2P (no domain control). I currently also leave the amp running 24/7 as well but want to find some way to power the amp on/off using the same Logitech IR remote. The amp does have 12V trigger input but because I'm not using a pre-amp or receiver there is no other remote device to send the trigger signal. And since I don't sleep/hibernate the PC there is no trigger event to use for sending a signal from the PC. I use the IR receiver built-in to the PC case to control and interface the Logitech remote with the PC. Is there any type standalone, IR device that one can buy that simply takes IR signal in and sends out a 12V trigger signal for something like a power amp or projector screen? Something that would be easy to program with the Logitech remote? Let me know any ideas you might have.
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I have a half finished project where I started something similar.

What I had planned to do was use the http://slicksolutions.eu/ MCE Standby tool and have it trigger a relay instead of the LED.
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any chance you can control the power to one of your usb ports through software? this thread talks about using the 5v from a usb port to turn on an amp. depending on your amp, 5v may be enough to turn it on.

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I did see on most sites where some folks would use a software based event to turn on a fan connection through their PC power supply but instead of using a fan as the load they're connected to the 12V trigger on the amp. That would work but I assume the software command would have to be run from the Windows desktop. I would want to be able to deliver that command from within WMC using my Logitech remote. How would that be set up?

Or it might would just be better if there was some type of hardware device that could take the IR signal from the remote and just send it straight to the amp 12V trigger.

If I did set up some type of software event trigger I suppose I could use media center manager to put a shortcut on the 7MC task bar. Maybe I'll look into that. The links given did mention a type of software that could be used to control on/off for a motherboard fan connection and power supply connection.

Has anyone already set something up like this to give advice?
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the SIMEREC IR switch might be able to do what you want.... it is ment to turn on and off the PC but it might be possible to use it for the AVR.

or the parts on his website might be of use to make what you need
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How about is there some device that will take analog audio output signal and turn it into 12V trigger signal? That way the amp could be trigger just by a sound from the PC. I could then run a Y lead from one of the analog audio outs and send a side to the amp audio input, the other side could go to the 12V trigger. Too bad the amp doesn't have auto-sensing like the sub does. My subwoofer does have auto-sensing so it comes on by itself once it detects sound. It's delayed slightly and the sound volume has to be of a high enough gain for it to trip (which itself is a little annoying when listening to music or video at low volume levels - sometimes the sub just cuts out completely because it doesn't detect a signal for a while).

Is there a plan or design somewhere that I could use to build and in-line auto-sensing audio circuit that would send 12V to this trigger mechanism?
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