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Pardon my ignorance... Costco Posting

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I have been gone a while and have not kept up with the gossip so to speak.

I didn't know where else to ask...

What's the deal with Costco postings?

I see all kinds of postings about Sam's, BJ's, Sears, Best Buy with deals, prices, etc...

Why no Costco postings only. What about the others? What did I miss that it was important enough to make a sticky???

I can usually find enough ways to get myself in trouble, since I frequent all the Big Box stores, I'd like to avoid shooting myself in the foot.

I tried searching for it but nothing...
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I am pretty sure posting anything about "Deals" from anywhere are frowned upon here.
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sence when was getting a deal bad
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There is a 'DEALS' area of the forum for paying members, remember that AVS (and it's partners/sponsors) provide this forum free of charge so they have every right to make a few rules/requests. Consider that AVS also sells much of the equipment that is discussed on this forum. Do you suppose if Best Buy had a forum that they would allow Costco prices to be posted?

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I 100% understand that forum sponsors should get preference. I bought my Panny from Visual Apex way back.

Five years and three bulbs later, it's showing more blue dots than stars in the sky, so it's time for a new one.

I just put the Plus Piano (Ah! the good ole days) back in action until I decide on a new projector or bite the bullet and get a 55+" LCD or plasma...that's why I'm back.

Since the sticky only mentioned Costco, I thought maybe I missed out on some good gossip like they were selling stuff out the back door cheap or that they were really aliens in disguise...

Okkie Dokey...Costco talk = No... No

I have been spoiled with an 80" diag screen for 5 years now in a small room, and with large screen LCD's and Plasmas so cheap now, my options are so many.

When I go to someone's house and see their 42" LCD, I can't imagine watching TV or a movie on something so small.
So, I must still be leaning to another projector. The search will see.

Because my theater room is so small, I hope I can get away with staying in the $1500-$2000 range for 1080P.

I'll do my homework, but I will be asking for those dreaded which one questions that everyone loves to see...
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The question still hasnt been answered. Why no Costco references? There is not a WalMart, BestBuy, HHGreg, ebay, etc, sticky. Costco, in comparison the the others, is hardly a competitor to AVScience or their sponsors.
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Just a guess, but I think this may stem from incidents in the past when postings on Costco for some sales got a bit out of hand. If you look under stickies in various subforums you'll find similar oddities.

For example, in the General Home Theater & Media/Game Room Build forum the only sticky is a 2005 post about moving Slingbox posts to another forum. The only sticky is a 4+ year old post about some minor mis-posting!

I get the impression they respond to occasional problems, but then never really spend much time revisiting those responses over time. C'est la vie!
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I think Costco's old exchange policy might have something to do with the ban also.
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If you were around for some old Costo-heavy threads they were full of posts on how to defraud the company, bend their old policies to allow what were essentially free projector rentals, etc. Then people would get into heated debates over the morality of defrauding the company, because it was within the letter of their return policy (if not the spirit). As to why only costco, a) their policies were pretty much unique and b) it generated the most arguments and thread clutter.

I think it was a wise choice, at least at the time. Since then their return policies have changed.
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Now that's actually an answer that makes sense.

I haven't really been here much over the last year or so, other than browsing for a while, so I would have missed that.

If that's the reason, then does make sense. I'm not saying that they need to justify anything to me. It's their forum, and they can run it how ever they want.

Maybe just a little more info, a line or two, saying "because of" might help especially when the sticky was so powerful and singled out one particular Big Box store.
Do they ever remove sticky's when they are no longer pertinent or are they there forever?

I think that their effort to and success in letting the forum self regulate itself, shows that they know what they're doing, and it shows the quality of
the majority of poster that come here. The Mod's have always been fair and honest in my opinion.

Actually, I have found this to be the best audio video forum out there, and I do buy from their sponsors.

There are so many knowledgable people freely flowing information to any and all who want it, while providing a huge source of reliable and honest vendors
who offer fair prices and better service than you will get at any Big Box store.

I noticed that in the AVS Forum Information section they specifically forbid talking about forum rules or to complain about forum actions in regards to post or users.

If they delete this thread it's OK with me, but I think it was a fair question, and there is no other section to ask it.
Although, I guess I could have PM'd Admin and hoped they would respond.

Whether or not it's the reason, it enough of one to make me stop asking after today...Thanks All
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For a good cheaper projector...consider the Epson 8100 or the Viewsonic pro8100. If you check the pro8100 thread you will see it has a cult following. (side note...the pro8100 is in the $3000 and up forum but it can be purchased for $1400 or so. Check the thread....B&H is a good bet.
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Since we banned Costco postings, I think Costco one-upped us and stopped carrying projectors!

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