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Earth vs Planet Earth

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Which one would you guys buy, im getting a blu-ray player for x-mas and im always like discovery programming.

That said I know earth is just content from planet earth but which one would you get? Earth is alot cheap, is planet earth worth the extra?
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Earth is 90 minutes long, Planet Earth is 550 minutes long. I'll let you do the math and decide if the full, actual award-winning landmark BBC/Discovery Channel/NHK documentary series is worth the extra money or would you prefer the considerably shorter movie version? Remember, Earth reuses footage from Planet Earth but re-edits it and uses a different narrator, otherwise you're seeing the same thing, just way, way less of it.
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6x more information for Planet Earth

Price for Planet Earth runs $32-40 depending on if you can catch the fairly frequent deals. 39.99 at Amazon, Costco currently, Walmart has recently had deals in the low 30's, Amazon.UK as low as 31-32 (for the 5 disc version).

Price for Disney Earth best I can currently find is around $22 though I'd suspect it might be found a bit lower at times.

Easily I think PE wins hands down, but it depends on your overall interest.
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Planet Earth all the way. No contest. You won't be disappointed.
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Definitely go for Planet Earth, all the way, 100%.

It's not just the hours upon hours of additional footage--you will also get much better narration. Just the fact that you are interested enough to be asking this question tells me that you will appreciate the full series, and it's worth the extra money, by far!
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+1 on Plant Earth on Blu Ray. I paid $60 for it when it came out... worth every dollar
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Planet Earth was my first blu-ray (alongside 300) and it was worth every penny, it sold me on blu-ray. The footage they captured was simply breathtaking.
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I saw the title of this thread and thought it was about a new Sci-Fi Channel movie in which the Earth battles itself.
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Based on content alone...

Planet Earth > Earth


DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 > Dolby Digital 5.1
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Planet earth hands down.
Get the one from Amazon UK, it is region free and comes with a fifth disk
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I believe I saw Planet Earth on sale at Beast Buy for in the $thirties a few hours ago.
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i thought i read somewhere that Earth had some new footage.. or footage that just wasn't used in the planet earth series.. is this true?
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Originally Posted by Colt45joe View Post

i thought i read somewhere that Earth had some new footage.. or footage that just wasn't used in the planet earth series.. is this true?

I'd heard the same thing.. that it was maybe 2/3 footage from Planet Earth with the rest being either new content or stuff that wasn't included in Planet Earth for whatever reason. Although reading through the synopsis on Wikipedia just now, I'm not seeing anything that stands out as being new.. all the stuff they mention is in Planet Earth.

Even if that's the case, you're looking at what.. maybe twenty or thirty minutes of "extra" stuff? As opposed to Planet Earth's 450+ minutes of extra stuff?

I agree with the masses.. Planet Earth, hands down.
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lol thanks guys, picked this up form walmart for $50, bets price i could find in canada.

Even ebay prices were not any better, I could get it for $35+$15 shipping on ebay or just go grab it instore for $50 and not worry about shipping lol

alot cheaper than when i first checked, all i could find before was $100+
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