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Originally Posted by tracylsnediker View Post

I also had the same problem when I tried to play 500 Days of Summer on myVBR110. but I went to Vizio's homepage and they had a Firmware update available and SHAZAM, I can play the movie now. If anyone has problems using the download (I did) let me know and I can talk you through what The tech guy told me.

Hey i did all the things that they explain in the web vizio a lot of times but in the TV appear a message saying : The file is corrupted. What can I do?
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can you help me please?
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Seems this model "VBR110" was pulled from store shelves and is only available from VIZIO's website now (pulled stock most likely). Maybe an updated version is coming out soon this summer? A model w/o built in wifi that will support apps via ethernet and have firmware updates via ethernet as well.

I'm very disappointed with VIZIO's website as they never disclose upcoming model availability. Since most of their sales are from COSTCO and SAM'S CLUB, you would think they would be on the ball about disclosing these future release dates.
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This thread is evidence that Bluray will begin dying as soon as broadband has sufficient market coverage across the USA. DVD never had the licensing issues or the Java-version compatibility hiccups (or combinations thereof) that BD players frequently do. The format's days are numbered.
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Can someone email me the VZBBU026.DS0 firmware to benjamin wg at yah-oooo dot com? Everytime I download it off the vizio site it comes back a different size: 500ish kB, 4MB, 6MB. I've done it a dozen times now. It's supposed to be 19.9MB and not be telling me it's corrupted. Thanks. First person who sends it, I guess just post here so others don't send it again.


Got it using Free Download Manager and leaving it on all night. It's fine now. Anyone know if it can work with Netflix downloads? If it's in the firmware code, I'm wondering if you'd just need a thumbdrive on the back and that's it, or maybe also a dedicated BD Live Netflix disk that will run the network menu system, similar to the way PS3 does it?
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Been reading through this thread and now see that I too appear to be having blue ray play issues and no luck at applying a firmware update. Here's my situation: Vbr110 purchased from Costco Feb. 2010. Had unit 16 mos. now. Maybe have played 5-6 blue ray DVD movies in it. Played many standard DVDs. Unit plays standard DVD okay. Suddenly will not play blue ray disc. Blue Ray discs load, then hang on 00:00:00:00. Like others have to unplug to eject disc (True Grit blue ray DVD). Formatted a thumb drive Fat32, created folder UPG, downloaded 19.9mb firmware update, put in folder on thumb drive,plugged drive in back of unit. Then get window on LCD saying "searching for valid file"...please wait. Nothing. Have to unplug to get unit out of this state. Called Vizio tech center. Tech says firmware won't fix this issue. She says that blue ray laser is dead. Possible? Has anybody had any success with this problem by applying the most recent firmware update? Tells me to bad unit is out of warranty. She can't help me. Told her I'll never buy another Vizio product. Have receipt and box heading to Costco to let them have it.
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Just bumping this thread to say what a piece of junk this player is. They never even put out any additional firmware for it, so you can't get it to output multichannel PCM, which means if you get a disc with an uncompressed PCM track ("Damnation Alley" has a 7.1 PCM track!) you can only hear it in 2-channel, or if you have any movie with a picture-in-picture commentary you can only play that in 2-channel. Only reason mine's still working is probably because it's hardly been used. I'd donate the thing to Goodwill, but I'd feel sorry for whoever ended up buying it!
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