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Do passive HDMI extenders work?

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Has anyone tried the passive HDMI extenders like this one?


I can get a signal passed through my current 35ft HDMI cable but would like to extend it with an additional 10ft cable and wondered if this will do the trick.
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They can help, you just have to try it. You want it near the pj end.
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Thanks Jeremy. Hopefully this is the last run to the parts store before my big cable run underneath a floor with dirt beneath me. Yuck.
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I did the same exact thing for my setup, just my 35 footer went up and over in the walls. I used an coupler for the last 10 feet to my projector, I purchased monoprice but I recall them having much cheaper ones......

This one worked for me.....


Are you running anything else, I ran component as backup, as you won't get the chance again.........
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I'm doing all my testing of cables beforehand. If something goes wrong once installed, I can still run a long component cable I have "above ground" for trouble-shooting.

The prices at monoprice are unbelievable.
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Monoprice put one of these into an order by mistake and when I alerted them they didn't want it back.

I can't imagine how these would work.

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i bought one of those a while back. Did not work for me. sitting in a box along with one of their hdmi matrix
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Whenever you have a passive device, it is robbing peter to pay paul. Usually, these passive devices just change capacitance but if it is a circuit then it is powering it off the 5V line and could drop the voltage too low. It is a crap shoot whether it will work or not.

You are always better with one long cable then adding multiple connections. If your cable will be difficult to change I would future proof and run conduit if possible, or at least a solution that can handle full HDMI bandwidth (i.e. high speed). That way you won't have a problem when you upgrade your equipment down the road. If the cable is easy to change then try cheap first and if it doesn't work use a better solution.
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