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Oh man, sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well and you are back on your feet in no time!
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Well, my surgery went well and am now in the recuperation phase. With plenty of time on my hands before I can do anything strenuous I am keeping busy with "mental" stuff.

I've ordered the GOM fabric I noted in my earlier posts from BPape following others recommendations here in the forums. I did competitively quote to 3 other vendors. Bryan came out with the best quote. Should have the fabric in a few weeks.

So I've downloaded Sketch-up and am now in the process of putting my finishing ideas down on paper.

Below is what the columns will look like. I am trying to following the architecture of Moria as envisioned by Alan Lee and John Howe. All the columns in the theater will follow this design. They will be wrapped primarily in GOM Achorage Onyx. The portions in front of the speakers will be covered in FR701 Black. I may use the other colors as accent pieces. I'll decide as I am in the wrapping phase. The lower half will also have Linacoustic under the GOM, the upper will have normal have normal cotton batting.

When I get to the construction phase I'll make a point of taking lots of pictures in case there are those interested in how I am going to cover columns with such a complex shape.

Now onto the interior of the theater....
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Well, for the last week I have been immersing myself in all things Sketch-up. I downloaded the free version, went thru the tutorials, played around a bit, and then got down to business of putting my thoughts down on pixels. All in all, not a bad program for the price. Though I am used to more sophisticated 3D modelers; but they come at a steep price I would much rather sink into the HT.

So here goes....

Picture of a wall column wrapped in the various GOM fabrics I've purchased...

Topside view of the finished HT with the HT chairs viewed front to back (ceiling layer removed)...

Same view, no chairs...

Close up of the wall panels and columns on one of the walls...

Bird's eye view back to front...

Bird perched on the soffit moulding with chairs...

A few disclaimers: We haven't picked out carpet yet. Used std. version in Sketch-up. Didn't waste time drawing the actual wall scounces but those are the correct pictures I pasted to a cube. Ceiling/soffit moulding also are not the versions pictured in my head. But it gives the general idea of mottled stonework I shooting for. Still moving forward with rune sewn fabric stretched over framework for the moulding. The chairs sizes are just an estimate.

So about the only other thing I might do while I am convalescing is inventoring and posting all my LOTR goodies that I will be hanging around the game room, bar, and HT.

Thats about all I can do since I'm under doctor's orders not to picked up anything heavier than 2#. I would do 12 oz. arms curls but not while I'm still on meds.

But I'll be a good boy and keep on dreaming.....
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DJ - sorry to hear about your back. That is not fun...

I love your built in arches! Very well done. Hopefully you'll get back to your build soon.
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Time to test your imagination.....

For the last couple of weeks I've been going through my inventory of collectibles to determine where I am going to put each peice. What I've done is number pictures from previous posts. Under each is what I plan to put where. As you will see these will consume a lot of wall space.

The statues are from the Sideshow/Sideshow Weta collection. The swords from the United Cutlery collection. If interested you can go on those websites to see the actual thing if you are not familar with them.

In the Game Room area...

1 - Sword - Sting, Statues - Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Treebeard, Gollum, Smeagol
2 - Sword - Witchking, Eowyn , Statues - Morgul Lord, Eowyn, Gandalf on Shadowfax, Haradrim soldier
3 - Sword/Staff - Glamdring, Saruman Staff, Gandalf Staff, Statues - Gandalf the White, Saruman, Grima Wormtongue,
4 - Sword - Sting (musuem) w/scabbard, Andruil w/scabbard, Glamdring (museum) with white and blue scabbards
5 - Statue - Legolas and Gimli on Steed
6 - Statue - Aragorn on Steed
7 - nothing
8 - nothing
9A - Sword - Shards of Narsil, Adruil, Herugrim, Statues - King Elessar, King Theoden, King of the Dead, Argonath, Minas Tirith
9B - Sword - High Elven, Fighting Knives of Legolas, Hadafang, Statues - Legolas, Arwen, Elrond, Galadriel, High Elven Soldier
10 - Statue - Watcher in the Water
10 (on opposite side) - Statue - Gandalf the Grey (legendary)

In the Bar Area...

11 - Reign of Fire (Legendary)(aka The Green Dragon)
On window ledge on opposite side - Statue - Battle above the Black Gate
On back countertop - Gandalf the White (Premium)

In the front of the Home Theater...

12 - Statue - Balrog (original), Gandalf the Grey
13 - Statue - Balrog (Legendary), Duel of Light and Fire
14 - Sword - Gimli's Battle Axe, Gimli's Helm
15 - Sword - Gimli's Walking Axe
16 - Sword - Sauron's Gaunlet, Statue - Sauron, Mouth of Sauron

In the back of the Home Theater...

17 - Statue - Cave Troll (Legendary)
18 - Statue - Frodo (Premium), Ringwraith on Steed
19 - Statue - Witchking (Legendary), Twilight Witchking (Legendary), Ringwraith (Legendary)
20 - Statue - Moria Orc (Premium), Lurtz (Legendary)
21 - Statue - Boromir, Aragorm (Premium)

Needless to say I have a serious fixation. I've looked for a therapist but they all say that I'm nuts. My wife agrees...

Next up - I will be going on the Middle Atlantic website and doing the finish design/component layout on the MA Slimline 5-37 rack I've already installed.
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I am simply amazed at your progress and imagination. Very nice.
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Randy - Thanks for the kudos.

With time to kill, I'm doing all the upfront finish detail planning now. Then once I get the o'k from the doctor I can get back in the basement and start doing actual work.

My goal is to balance a great looking/functional home theater/bar/game area that anyone can enjoy while providing an area to display my LOTR geekness. Then if we should move the basement will still look good without my stuff and the next owners can decorate to their own taste. Not sure if it is acheivable but that's the goal.
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I went on the Middle Atlantic website and downloaded their RackTools 3.5 software to layout the various components I currently have or plan to purchase.

I'm looking for opinions on the actual placement of the components and any input from current users on some of the components I am planning to purchase (I will be asking the same questions on the appropriate forums elsewhere on AVS).

First a pic...

Now for the gear (top to bottom):
Receiver - Yamaha RVX4600 (have)
HD Digital Cablebox/DVR - Motorola DCT6208 (have from Comcast)
BlueRay DVD - Oppo BDP83 or Sony BDP370 (need) In need to decide how much I want the ability to stream Netflix content.
Zone Audio - Nuvo Essentia (need) Looking for something I can install DIY.
Controller(s) - Nintendo Wii, XBox 360 Live (have)
Ipod station? - Ipod Classic 160 Gb (have) (Not sure if I want to committ precious rack space for this).
VHS/DVD - Toshiba DVR620 (need) I have a very old VCR to play home movies and a large collection of VHS movies. This will give me the ability to convert VHS to DVD over time.
In-wall subwoofer amps - (need) I will be going with (2) Triad Bronze 6 inwall subs. One behind the procenium, the other in a front wall column.
Buttkicker Amp - Buttkicker BKA 10004A (have). Bought from Roman when I ordered the chairs.
UPS/Conditioner - APC J15 (need)

Opinions are welcome on the any of the above, and of course on any part of this little adventure. I have learned a lot from the forum participants to date which I appreciate but you never know what else unless you ask.

Now for the big decision and course of action - projector and screen. I have spent a lot of time surfing the forums and net and have narrowed my initial preferences to the following, Sony VW85, JVC RS-35, and Planar 8150/Runco LS.

A deciding factor will be the picture quality of the DLP vs LCOS. I have a DLP TV today so I am familiar with that technology but I understand the LCOS provides a more filmlike look. I flirted with going with an LED projector but they are not recommended with the 124" wide (135" diag) Stewart screen I plan to get. So that's out.

I will be contacting AV Science to get formal quotes on each of these. As I can't view these myself at a local dealer to help with the selection process I will rely on their professional experience/opinions.

Unless there is someone in the SE Michigan area that has one of these beauties installed......
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I have some Sideshow LOTR premium figures if your interested. I'm not sure how many I have but I know I have Shelob which I didnt see on your list and I have a few others. I have a morgal lord also.

Let me know if your interested in any of them. Nice build so far.
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Now that you mention it I thought I had purchased the Shelob statue as well. I'll have to do a physical inventory. I have so many boxes its pathetic.

Thanks for the offer but I've promised the wife no more LOTR stuff. Not sure I'll have room to squeeze in any more until I have everything out of the box and up on the wall anyway. If Sideshow comes out with anything cool I'd have to sell some of this off.
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After reading a bunch of projector and equipment reviews and forum posts we have settled on the following gear and will be placing the order next week:

Projector: JVC RS35
Screen: Stewart Luxus Deluxe 124" x 52.75" Studiotek 130 G3 w/Micropref
BlueRay Player - Oppo BD-83
UPS/Conditioner - APC J15BLK
Subwoofer - Triad bronze 6 inwall w/Rampamp 300

We have already ordered and received a Panamorph UH480 lens for the CIH set-up.

We went out this weekend and ordered the carpet for the HT and Bar/Game area for installation in early/mid May. My goal is now to finish this project up by mid-June.

For the home theater, Staton Masquerade...

For the Bar/game area, Shaw Beauty is Born...

The doctor has lifted most of the restrictions so with the help of my son I will be starting work again. First will be to stain and seal the bar and then onto the wainscotting...
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Thats the same carpet style and color I was supposed to have installed on last Thursday but apparently a master certified installer is needed due to the fact it is a woven carpet. Now it should be Monday I believe. Isn't it awesome. There is so much dimension to this carpet

Keep an eye out for pics. I should have them up soon.
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Excellent. Can't wait for your pics to be posted to see what an entire room will look like. Once I saw the sample I knew it would look great.
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looking good, for the bar i would source some dragon bar towels

may be a coiled dragon print carpet in front of your chairs, may be a flying dragon print carpet on the small walk way just in front of chairs in theatre room.
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I like it. Once my wife is done with the sewing the dwarf runes I'll see if she is game for embroidering some towels. I know there are many accent oppportunties I haven't thought up yet.
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The bar top has now been finished. Here are a few pictures...

The actual color is more red than brown. It is made from maple veneered plywood and maple bar rail from Rockler finished off with three coats of Varathane Cabernet Gel Coat Stain and 4 coats of Helmsman Gloss Spar Ureathane.

Now on to the wainscotting...
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Check out the carpet pics. Look past the fact that it was a crappy install and needs fixed.
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I've been working on the bar/game area wainscotting for the past few days. Here are some pictures of where I am at.

First off start with some wood (in this case poplar)...

Then add some biscuits, glue, and clamps...

After 30 minutes, unclamp, and you have this...

Then sand, apply Min-wax water based pre-stain conditioner, wait 30 minutes and then apply some General Finish Rosewood waterbased stain....

Install and repeat countless times until you have this....

and from another angle...

Still have at least another week of work to go before its done. But this seemed to take the longest with all the arches and cutouts. The rest should go faster...
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WOW. Very nice work. If you get bored and want to come over and do some work at my place let me know. LOL
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Me likey very much!
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Well I've been plugging away at wainscotting since my last post. All the face frames and back paneling in installed. Here is a slug-o-pictures of proof that I am diligently trying to finish up this project. Just a few comments to follow...

Stairway into basement...

And around the corner...

And down the hall....

Back to way you came...

Around another corner. Looking at the equipment closet...

At the HT door..

End view shot...

Then cut up 7 sheets of 1/4" birch plywood...

Apply the same stain as the faceframes, install, and you have this...

Close up of one of the panels...

Now I have to stain the moulding that will run along the top and around the perimeter of each panel.

BTW, all my equipment and screen has now shown up. (I keep hearing little voices saying "open me" but I resist ). The carpet has arrived at the store. So I'll be scheduling installation in the next couple weeks. I better get a move on...
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Originally Posted by DJMarceau View Post

I keep hearing little voices saying "open me" but I resist

Thats ok DJ.. I hear the little voices all the time, I've found they are usually fun to listen to, but are definately counterproductive

Very nice job on the wainscott, hellava lotta work!! Looks like you only have several hundred feet of trim to stain and a few hundred miters and you'll be done with it
What profile will you be using for the trim, Will it leave a reveal around the stilles?

Keep it up, your payoff will be amazing....

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Wow. Looks like someone got an "A" in woodshop!

Very nice work. Your build seems very detailed, I'm curious to see if you're able to replicate your complete design.
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Drew-V - Thanks. I attended the Tim Allen School of Philosphy "More Tools, More Power, More Good".... uh uh uh (not sure how to type the "grunt") I am curious as well. I think the most difficult part will be the columns. The wall panels should be straight forward just a lot of them. I am concerned about the % of framing versus the % of sound insulation. So I may do a trial to build/sketch on wall to get a feel before I take the plunge.

KNKKNK - Your not kidding. Below are some pics of all the moulding. Today I seal and stain. Then onto the tedium of about 200 miter cuts. After that a final wipedown to remove dust, followed by a couple of coats of water based semi-gloss poly-acrylic finish. Below that is a shot of the profile as seen on edge with a couple of pieces of scrap. The right is the top edge chair rail. The left the panel perimeter moulding which will cover all 4 sides of the panels. The gap you see is caused by the unevenness of the horse they're sitting on.

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Well it's been almost a month since my last post. I have been pretty busy in the basement but had several campouts this past month which slowed me down a couple of weekends. Anyway, the wainscotting is 95% complete. I am short 5' of chair rail moulding . So I need to make another run to the lumberyard to pick up my last piece, stain in, install it, and then put the top sealer coat on. In the meantime I have started painting the ceiling in the HT. I have put on the base coat before I start the faux marble painting I am planning. In the meantime here are some pictures of the progress since my last report out...

Stained lots of moulding

Cut lots of moulding (over 200 miter joints )

For those who've never seen how to angle cut a chair rail moulding for a tight fit...

First cut a 45 deg miter cut...

Then either hand cut with a coping saw or cut on a power scroll saw the miter cut following along the profile...

Then you're done. If you have a high spot just file it down with with a round rasp...

Here's the finished product (less semi-gloss top coat)

Don;t mind the unfinished portion. I am waiting to build the hidden door to the equipment room to finish trimming that out...

Another close up of a panel...

Hope to have more pictures by next weekend. In the meantime I just keep pluggin away....
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Wow ! Just only stumbled onto this build for the first time. You are an amazing craftsman. The wainscotting is breathtaking. I'm still trying to figure out how the molding ends up flush since obviously the cutouts were raised higher than the fill-in rectangles that were added next?

We've got some similar equipment going on. Good move with AT and CIH. Looking forward to tracking your progress!
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If you look at post #54 you'll see an edge-on (but sideways) view of the moulding. The right hand moulding is the chair rail. The chair rail has a 3/4" rabbett cut so when it is placed on top of the 3/4" frame the back face rests against the wall. There is a small 1/8" lip at the bottom to hide the joint at the frame.

The raised panel portion is similar. The left hand moulding on #54 is the raised panel moulding. It has a 1/2 rabbetted cut. This allows room for the 1/4" panel to be placed on the wall and the moulding to be placed on top of it. So it rests and is nailed to the frame and holds the raised panel against the wall.

Do not nail the raised panel to the wall or the moulding to the panel as the intent is for the panel to expand/contract with changing conditions over time.

I hope that answers your question. If not just reply back and I give some more detail. If needed I can post additional pictures if needed.

This isn't really that hard. Just time consuming if you want a professional look.
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Very nice, impressive work - well done!
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The woodwork looks great! And look how clean the room is!
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Awesome work on the wainscotting and bar, looks great! Nice to see how that molding looks installed...I'm getting very similar profile to put on my bar panels to fit 3/4" thick "frames".

About your decision to use the Helmsman Gloss Spar Urethane vs. product like Envirotex (seems to be a popular choice here)... I need to decide what to use on a solid Cherry bartop/rail I'm building and would appreciate any input on what influenced your approach.
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