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Wii Display Problems - Blues Turn to Greens

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I've been having issues with my Wii recently. When the Wii first starts up, it runs fine and dandy for a little while. After a few minutes of being turned on, however, the display gets washed out into different colors. Blues that were sharp when the Wii was first turned on wash out to a greenish color, and the whites turn to light grays. Reds look more like pinks...etc

I've got the Wii hooked up to my TV via component cables. They're aftermarket cables, not sure of the quality, but they seem to work well.

This problem has been going on for some time now (it was one of the main reasons I stopped using the Wii).

No other input device has problems with my TV. I've got cable running in through coax and a PS3 and a DVD player running in through HDMI. None of those have issues with color.

Any ideas what this could be?

Edit: Forgot to mention that the color sometimes comes back to normal after a while of gameplay, but it will almost always switch back into not proper colors...

Edit edit: The color problems are apparent in the Wii menu screen, not just gameplay.
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Hook up your DVD player component to your display. Run it for a while and it will tell you whether the problem resides with your display's component-to-digital conversion, or with the Wii's video output. If it's the Wii, then call up Nintendo. If you are still within the 1 year warranty, great. Otherwise, you'll still want to pay to get it repaired through them if you have any digital downloads on the Wii.
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send the cable back
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If you have another component input on your TV try switching the Wii to that one. If you don't but you have another TV then try testing it on that one. If the same problems still occurs then the culprit is the Wii or the cable.

If so then try getting new component cables for your Wii. I recommend this one from monoprice: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2 . It's is only $3.

If the problem still occurs then there's obivously something wrong with Wii console itself
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That it happpens after being on for a while and not upon startup makes me think it's an issue with the Wii that manifest itself after warming up. The problem occasionally going away for a bit can be explained by something like the internal fan kicking in and cooling things off just enough where the issue goes away for a time.

Doesn't seem like a bad cable would exhibit this behavior, you'd notice it right at startup if the cable was causing your issues. It doesn't matter to the cable how long it's been used and your problem is coming after things have been turned on for a while and have started to warm up.

It could also be your television.
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I'm curious, any luck figuring out what the problem was and solving it?

Good luck
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Am also facing the same issue... how did ur issue get resolved..
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