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LCD vs Heat from PC

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Hi All,

I'm a long time reader, but a new member. I've always found what I needed through the search funtionality of the site. But I came up with no results for this question.

I received an LCD as a gift recently, and it has a DVI input in the back. I wanted to hook up my pc to it, the connection should not be a problem. I mean, its plug and play. What i'm concerned about, and what my question is related to. Is having my pc RIGHT BESIDE my LCD, will the heat given off the pc detioriate or have a negative impact on the LCD in some manner over time.

The PC would not be on all the time, just when I'm watching something off the PC.

Thanks in advance for any replies

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provided that the ambient heat around most of the LCD is not hot it should be fine, most of the vents on most LCD's are at the bottom, back and top of the LCD not on the sides so it should be fine, if your really concerned then why not put the computer under the desk
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If your PC is a desktop (not a tower) and it has vents on top (in addition to rear), then the hot air is going to rise from the top vents. Now if u place your LCD right on top of that, then that wouldn't be advisable.

Also if the PC has side vents, and u put your hands there and u clearly feel warm air, then placing a LCD on top of that (width of LCD sticks out beyond width of PC) then that wouldn't be good either.

Why not just place the PC under the desk as suggested? That way too, your ears would be farther away from noisy fans.
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I'm putting the tv on a dresser, The LCD is a samsung 46'' and the PC i guess can go on the floor beside it and away from the LCD. I was just curious as to wether the heat given off by the pc would affect the lcd in any way. I'm not concerned if the lcd's heat would affect the pc's.

The set up just looks better and is easier if the pc can go right beside the lcd, if the lcd will be affected by the pc's heat then i will keep it away from it.

Thanks for the reponse frito.
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The PC is a tower case, the air vents from the back of it. Though there is still considerable heat given off the PC, the vents would be directly facing a wall as well, maybe a couple inches away from it and the heat would reflect directly back. I'm at work right now, maybe once at home i can take a picture to clarify, in case i'm not making sense.
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Heat naturally rises, so if LCD just sit beside, I dunn see any prob.
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