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Anyone install a 52" LCD in a Hollow Wall

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I am slowly getting familiar with this wall I am working with....5/8 Sheetrock ontop of what appears to be 1" plaster wall. I am trying to mount a 52" Sony LCD that weighs approxinately 66 lbs.

I tried using a SnapToggle but there is not TOO MUCH clearance/free space behind the wall for even the SnapToggle to *drop* down.

Earth Magnet is not helping if there are any studs and I have made small pilot holes and am having a issue finding any studs at all. Bearing that there only seems to be 1 1/2 free space underneath the plaster.....I'm not even sure if there are any studs. I used the magnet to find screws assuming that it was attached to threads, but after locating the screws and drillin 1/4 pilot holes, there is not stud behind it.

Long story short, as of now, I don't have studs to affix my wall mount stand. The plaster is pretty hard. Not concrete but damm hard....

I am going to run 4 anchors of some sort on the top of the wall mount as well as 4 anchors on the bottom holes. It's going to be tricky but I will find a anchor that will SIT in the little clearance I have inside the wall. SIT meaning (drop or open) depending on the Anchor that will work. I plan to try a traditional 1/4" spring loaded achor as well as a a drillertoggler -

So...for those in the same boat, has anyone sucessfully mounted a LCD in a hollow wall. Love to hear what anchors you used & or technique.
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I read an article recently where it was stated there were either more injuries or deaths from TVs falling on children. After seeing your post, I understand why. There is no way on earth I would EVER try to mount a 52" TV on a wall without studs.

Measure your wall every 12 to 16 to 18 inches from the corner and you will probably find your studs. If you don't find them, don't mount it. There are plenty of other options available that look nice and are safe.
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Some kind of framing has to be there. The drywall and plaster can't be the only support. Look inside/behind an a-c receptacle. They would be fastened to a wall stud.
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The injuries from TV's falling on children are mostly stuff on stands where and older sibling knocks the TV over onto the smaller kid. There was even an incident where some dumb parent had a 36" CRT balanced on top of a small dresser and the kid knocked it over.
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Is it an outside wall and do you have heating? If so there would be a vapor barrier and insulation that you do not want to damage, so do not go bring holes in the wall.

Make the pilot hole larger so that you can get a wire hanger with a ninety degree bend into the opening, and turn it around to try and locate a stud. If none, try another pilot hole some distance over until you find a stud.

These holes can later be used to run wires and cables to the TV using a fish wire to pull them from the source location which would be lowed down on the wall, giving the installation a wireless professional look.
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If it is an exterior block wall there will be no studs, just wire lathe with plaster and thent
the drywall layer. If it is an exterior wall you could use expanding anchors like redheads etc.
If it is interior there must be studs probably 16 or 18" on center since plaster is so heavy.
Take care to find proper support or your tv will be wrecked or someone could get hurt.
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