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B&W M1 Opinion?

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I couldn't find much about these speakers, at least not recent opinion, on here and am wondering if anyone has feedback on them or recommendations for similarly priced (or cheaper) alternatives.

I'm setting up a home av system from scratch. Best Buy were trying to push the Def Tech Pro Cinema 600 or 800 range, but I listen to music as much if not more than watch tv and think the B&Ws seemed a bit better from what I heard, and not that much more expensive. The room their going in is about 16x16 with a dining room nook on one side.

They'll be powered by one of a Yamaha RX V765, Denon 1910 or Pio VSX 21THX or similarly priced receiver I think. I'm open to opinion on those too!

Thanks in advance for any input!
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I recently purchased a pair of the M1's for use as surrounds to go with B&W 685 LR and HTM61 Center. Needed smaller surrounds for near ceiling mounting due to space / positioning constraints.

The M1's provide an "OK" match with the other speakers with "fair" SQ, but if it weren't for space constraints, I'd would rather have used matching 685's for the surrounds as well. It also helps to have a good subwoofer to help round out the sound.

Of course the only real answer is to demo them yourself if possible.

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Thanks X. So you have them set up as rears? Hm. I do have worries about 5 of these little fellas being my whole system (plus a sub). Not sure what alternatives compete with the quality and are in this price range though.
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I had a set hooked to an old 2 ch. receiver and a Martin Logan Dynamo sub. This was my computer desk system. I really liked the sound. They blended well with the sub. Like any small speaker, they kind of strain at super loud volume, but they are awesome little speakers. I like the wall mounts too.
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The M1 is okay sounding.....I think they would make good computer speakers due to their snazzy looking cabinet/stand design but I think I would pick the NHT Absolute Zero over the M1 for about the similar price and size if music was a priority in a home theater system. They are smoother sounding.

I think that any small speaker is going to be less than ideal for music because quite often, they sound "thin". Quite often this is because their bass response is tricky to blend with a sub. Either they are weak in the 90-120Hz range, or they don't have enough output and start to sound strained.
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Thanks Audio and Warp. It's interesting that basically all of you are saying they're good for computer/very small spaces or Xekester's case, just as rears.

I'll try and get a listen to these NHTs somewhere. They're cheaper as well.

If I was to buy all M1s plus a sub I'm looking at $1,500 for speakers and my hope is at that price range the grouping I buy should definitely be better than a system most people think suitable for a computer desk. But maybe I haven't bought home theater stuff in so long that I don't know what things should cost anymore!
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I bought a pair of the B&W M-1 for my rear surrounds to go with my 683 fronts. But I want to mount these to existing electrical gange box which is already installed on the wall. Anyone have any recommendation for a wall mount that would work well with the odd shape and connector of this speaker so it could be mounted to a face plate that connects to the electrical box? I thought about some pinpoint am-40 but not sure if they would work.
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