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Ok, so I have a DirecTV HD-21 (i think it is) The Device that will sync with WMP11(Media Share) for music pictures and video.

I found the Codec support (.mpg/MPEG2/MP3)
And I converted one of my fav movies with Alive HD Video converter it will play on my PC's and the box sees it as a playable movie but when i play it there is no audio and its VERY messed up(Think bad encoding)

But the other Conversion I did with Xilisoft HD video converter(.mpg/MPEG2/MP2) the only .MPG audio is AC3 or MP2 the Video looked WONDERFUL for being scaled form I-pod to 720p(size) But the box Said "The audio codec is not supported" so no audio was played.

I have never been very good with streaming media