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Receiver Help: Sony DN1000 or Onkyo or Something Else

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I recently purchased the Sony DN1000 on boxing day in Canada for $370. After looking on this site I see that many people dont favour Sony as a receiver.

I looked at the Onkyo 607 and 160 and was thinking about returning the Sony and picking up one of these receivers online.

Does anyone have any recommendations on these 2 receivers or any others in the same price range. I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to all of this audio stuff.

The speakers that I will be using are:
Polk Monitor 70.. already purchased
Polk Monitor 40
Polk CS2

Subwoofer will probably be a Bic F12.

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On this site, Sony AVRs don't get much respect. Much of the info is based on older equipment, and some is based on what they've heard from others. I read it all too, and then went to lots of other places to do some more reading. When the dust settled, I bought the DN1000 and couldn't be more pleased.

It replaced my Harman-Kardon AVR247 with its twitchy HDMI switching and from a purely subjective listening, it is an improvement in overall sound of my 7.1 setup.

The first thing I noted was that everything works like it is supposed to with no glitches. The auto=setup works fine, but takes a little tweaking, but that is pretty common to most of the auto-setups, imo. The unit looks very good.

I have an AppleTV, Sony N460 BD player, Dish HDDVR and HTPC connected via HDMI and the switching is smooth, with never a miss which was common with the HK. My HD-A2 HDDVD player is connected via component/optical, set at 1080i and it works fine. Everything goes out via HDMI to my Panasonic plasma.

I would say to connect your unit and see what you think. You may find that it is just your cup of tea!
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I would agree with Iparsons21. I have the DN1000 and the Sony BDP N460 bluray and I am very happy with my choices. Everything works smoothly and no problems, sounds great too. I came from a Sony ES receiver that I had for six years and there is no change in the sound quality. I think that speaks very well for the DN1000. Only reason I even changed was to get the HDMI inputs and decoding for the new lossless codecs with the bluray player.
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I guess I will hook it up first before I decide to return it and buy something else.

Anyone else have any other opinions of other receivers that might be better in the same price range.
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So did you hook it up? how did you like it? I am torn between it and the 160 but in no hurry to decide.
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www.jr.com has a good weekend price on the DN1000
http://www.jr.com/sony/pe/SON_STRDN1000/ I doubt the price will last past Sunday since it is part of their "weekend sale" pricing.
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