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Passive Soundbars w/ AVR

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Does anyone have any experience with passive soundbar setups? I've seen it mentioned numerous times in other threads, but hadn't seen anything specific in the last year or two.

I'm considering this setup as an option to buying a Yamaha YSP (900 or 30x0) and to replace my current Vizio soundbar. The Vizio works well for the money, but I'm looking for a setup that actually decodes multi-channel audio, has more "tweakability" and has the option to set the cross-over frequency for the sub-out. I don't care much about hearing crickets in my left ear and gun shots in my right ear, so I'm not expecting much "surround" from this setup (due to my room shape I wouldn't expect much "surround" from the YSP's either).

I already have a Velodyne HGS-10 sub that I'll use and absolutely refuse to clutter up my room with surround speakers (I don't even like having the sub in the room). I've used my 2-channel Meridian / B&W system as a 2.1 system in the past and I always felt like I had to turn up the volume to uncomfortable levels to hear the dialogue clearly, so that option is out.

Passive Soundbars - The only two quality passive soundbars that I've seen that are reasonably priced and fit my space are the Polk 42" and the Definitive Technology Mythos SSA-42. Everything I've read about these two soundbars seems to be positive, however I haven't seen anything comparing them directly (I know they're owned by the same company, but the design of each still appears to be different).

AVR Options - Due to my space limitations and dislike of giant monolithic AVR's, I'm considering the Marantz NR1501 slim-line AVR. The recommended wattage for the Polk and DT soundbars is higher than what the 1501 is rated for, but the general consensus seems to be that the Marantz's rating is "real" and not just a "peak" number from the marketing department. I've also looked at the Denon 1610 and 1910 as well as the Yamaha V465 as more budget-minded alternatives since I only need a 5.1 AVR.

Anyone have any thoughts on or experiences with:

* Passive setup vs. the Yamaha YSP's
* Polk vs. DT passive soundbars
* AVR pairing
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i am curious about a setup like you mention too. by the way monitor audio and revel make LCR speakers that don't seem too expensive. i think you could put one in front of you and one behind you for a 6.1 setup plus with a newer avr you get hdmi switching and dtshd which none of current active soundbars do. and sound a little better too, maybe.
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Been there, done that... I don't want wire and speaker clutter.
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