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Mitsu wd-62327 Picture Issue

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I had to replace the bulb on my mitsu wd-62327. After the installation of the bulb. I'm noticing the picture isnt as bright and vibrant as it did when I first had the tv. I have comcast dvr and using component cables which I've always used.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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I just got done calibrating my tv using the Avia II I got from Netflix.

WOW, it took over 2 1/2 hrs just calibrating. It also helped with my contrast, sharpness and brightness. I didnt have the blue and red screen that's provided with the dvd to adjust the color and tint.

Overall, my tv has improved but there's still something missing IMO. My wife and friends all think the tv looks amazing.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreicated.

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My father has this exact model and is having the exact same problem. I think hes replaced the lamp 2 or 3 times total. No matter how much I play with the settings, the picture is too dark. Its watchable but in "night scenes" It can be difficult to make things out.
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A big problem with this chassis is in the design. There are two mirrors in the cabinet. The small trapazoid mirror collects dust and needs to be cleaned at least once a year. The large mirror is positioned so that it doesn't collect as much dust and rarely needs cleaning unless there are smokers in the home.
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Thanks, My dad thought it might be dusty mirrors, but wasn't sure. Can I clean it myself? Any linfo would be appreciated.
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