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Auto Search Problem with Vizio VX32L

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I have owned my Vizio VX32L for about 2.5 yrs now. Everything was working great. I was getting my local HD channels by connecting the coax cable directly to my tv. Recently I got tired of paying $60+ to Comcast for all the extra channels that I get that I never watch so I downgraded to their basic local channel package.

The cutoff happened this morning. So, I now had all these channels which were not showing anything anymore as I flip through them. I was still getting the local channels in HD by putting in channel number like (7-1, 4-2, etc). But in order to get rid of all those other channels I decided to do an Auto Search.

Big Mistake.

The Auto Search finds about 30 analog channels. Then 2 digital channels and then gets stuck. The progress indicator is at 34% and does not go any further. I have left the tv on for 2 hours just to be sure. But nothing. Now I have no HD channels at all. Even if I enter the HD channel manually (by pressing 7-1 on the remote, for example), Vizio won't go there.

Now it is possible that coincident with the cable downgrade and my rescan, the tuner in the tv went bad (what is the expected life span of the tuner?) but I am thinking it is more likely that comcast is doing something to block the Auto Search form scanning the digital channels. The two channels that it does find don't show anything.

Any ideas or suggestions.

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Check the local area sub-fourm for your location.
In some locations Comcast does not broadcast the broadcaster's "channel name" such as 7-1 for unencrypted QAM channels and the scan may only indicate the actual QAM channel number.
Do the two digital channels that you do get work? If yes what are their channel numbers?
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Thanks for the reply:

1) Do you mean a local area sub-forum here? I did not see anything in the forum list. I live in the SF Bay area.

2) The two channels I get are: 63-286 (RF63-7454) which show some oriental programming and 60-4 (RF60-4) which shows a test pattern.
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Hey - did you ever find a resolution to your problem? I started having the same issue this morning.

I get 12 analog and 81 digital channels, 31% complete, and it freezes. I can cancel the search and exit, so it's not like the scan locks up. It just won't go beyond 31%.

I haven't had any changes in my cable package or provider. Before this I was able to get all the network channels in HD as QAM. Since running the scan wipes out your previous channels, after only running a partial scan I can no longer pick up the HD QAM channels.

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I spoke with Vizio support. They had me do the following:

1. Turn off, unplug the power, and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. This is supposed to reboot/reset the tuner. This didn't make a difference.

2. Reset the factory settings in the menu. This made a slight difference, the scan would go to 33%, but still got stuck.

3. Run a scan with no cable plugged in, which it would go 100% and find nothing. But it didn't fix the problem either.

That's all Vizio had to offer except trying at a different spot in my house.

What worked:

I changed the input to antenna and ran a scan out of curiosity. It picked up just 13 analog channels and 0 digital (the cable was still plugged in). Then when I switched the input back to cable and ran the scan, presto, it worked! I am getting more QAM channels now than before, so it ended up being a good thing that I did it.
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