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help:LG W2361v, DVI is stuck in "Power Save Mode"

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so i got the LG W2361V LCD monitor. i want to connetc my comp to the LCD via the DVI port. when i first used it w/ DVI, i saw wierd thigns happening. sometimes the monitor would go purple, or see purple horizontal lines.
Then i just plugged in the D-Sub wire (both simultaneously from oen videocard), and D-SUb works, but

now the DVI doesnt even load up the computer anymore. All it loads is my computer's logo Logo and the Windows loading logo, and then fades to black, with "DVI Power Save Mode." i exchanged the monitor for a new exact same one, thinking maybe i just got a defective product.

same thing happens to the 2nd one.

i tried with another DVI cable, didnt work. DVI has always worked fine with other monitors until i got to the LG one.

could anyone help me?
thanks in advanced.
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also, is there a quick and easy way to see if my DVI output from my comp works without me having to get a new monitor? i just really wanna make sure tjhe DVI connection is ok, and its the monitor's problem, not my computer's video card output.
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Sind the post screen and Windows logo display would indicatd to me that the card is workling.
Make sure you do not have both cables connected to the display and try a F8 Safe Mode boot. If that works make sure your display resolution is set to the native resoluition of the monitor so that on the next normal boot it will be using the native resolkution.
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thank you for the response.

now that you mention it, this problem actually began when i had both d-sub and DVI cables connected to my card at the same time, and connected it to the monitor at the same time. but now, even when i just have the dvi cable plugged in ONLY, w/ dsub completely disconnected, it still displays the computer logo ands windows booting, and then power save mode.

is there a way to acess my videocard settings to make it display through dvi? maybe when i first plugged both in, this conditioned the card to assume that d-sub was always present, and only displayed through d-sub.

ill try the native resolution thing. but before this "Power Save Mode" incident even happened when i plugged in both d-sub and dvi, the dvi port worked...only problem was that the screen flickered with purple and i saw purple horizontal lines.
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You posssibly damaged some electronics in the monitor or graphics card when you had both cables connected concurently.
I am looking forward to your attempt to do a F8 safe mode boot with only the DVI cable connected?
If you can run in safe mode in addition to setting the resolution to the native resolution of the monitor go to the power settings in Control Panel and make sure no Power Saving modes are enabled.
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so i booted it up in safe mode and it indeed worked. it loaded up the desktop and everything. then i rebooted back in regular mode, and now everythign works. the dvi loads past the windows logo and the desktop loads. i have restarted & hibernated my comp several times to make sure the dvi loaded past the windows logo, and it has.

thanks soo very much!! i never used this safe mode thing, and i nvr klnew it existed. i wasnt able to change the resolution to 1080 during safe mode. the resoulution i nsafe mode seems to only go up to a certain amount. the colors in safe mode were wierd,a bit funky. is this a problem?

so i guess there wasnt any hardware failures on my card at all. and this 2nd monitor didnt go all purply with colored horizontal lines.
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hey speaking of safe mode, one thing i noticed about it was that it booted really quick. and when i looked up at the prgrms running through ctrl+alt+del, very few things were running in the background. by contrast, in normal booting up, my comp loads up slow, like it has alot of stuff in the background. is there a way to prevent prgrams from running, except the asbolutely system essentials??

sorry for being off topic in the LCD forum section.

oh and i was browsing through avs, and i saw topics on LED monitors. i never knew they existed until this forum. was it a mistake for me to buy an LCD? it seems LED are newer technology, but i never found a single LED monitor in stores. it was all lcds.
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You can't change the resolution of safe mode. But when in save mode if you change the resolution you are changing the resolution that will be used the next time you boot in normal mode.
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