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I don't think the firm wear is kept on that chip. there should be a smaller chip, possibly a 44 pin type that holds all the firmware for the drive, i assume it be on the drive's PCB. I have a GQ-4X True USB Universal Programer. If i know for sure which chip holds the firmware i could remove that chip from the drive and try to copy the firmware. Buy another blank chip, they are usually a couple bucks and burn the copied firmware to that chip replace the chip on the PC drive then it should work on the BH200 players.

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Based on what he wrote, Xayd was able to setup his drive in a PC. It's just that you can't dump the firmware from the GGR-L20N with the flasher program. I have set up a drive in my PC, and am able to locate it as drive 1. Unfortunately, when I run the flasher -d command, the following error occurs:

get_firminfo_drive: failed to find pattern
cmd_dumpmain: failed to get firmware info

So, with the flasher.exe program as currently set up, we cannot get the firmware from this drive. This sucks, as I have my first drive failing on me now.

I also noticed on the rpc1 site that you did the same thing as me, and got the same results. Unless somebody can produce a different program, we're out of luck.

Originally Posted by Codename_Falcon View Post

I don't think Xayd is able to setup his drive in a PC for us to try to dump the firmware from it.

Is anyone else able to do this?
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Joeags, I got in contact with the author of the flasher app about this problem with the GGR-L20N. He has to update the app to recognize some new drive models. He was willing to remotely connect to a PC with one of these drives attached to try to figure out how to read the firmware from it. If he was able to understand it he will dump the firmware for us.

Are you willing to let him try this on your drive to help us all in the event of a drive failure?
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Just sent a private message to you, Falcon. I'll give it a shot...
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Joeags I replied to your PM but haven't heard back from you. I guess we need someone else to take a stab at this... Any takers?
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