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Anyone in central ny to help with ht set-up?

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Hello...I've been piecing together my Home Theater system since August. I am almost finished buying, but since I am new to this, I really need someone with set-up knowledge to visit my home and suggest where my audio equipment and speakers should be placed, maybe connect everything for me.

Since this system is taking up part of my finished basement, the floor is level and smooth concrete that has been painted. I was told that if I have concrete, I should buy these maple speaker base stand plinths??? This way the speakers get off the hard floor and sound better. Plus, I have Definitive Technology speakers and it says in the manual that the fronts should tilt upward a bit for best sound. And, the manual talks about connecting my speakers a bunch of different ways, LFE, etc, and I do not have a clue what all this means.

Any help, or anyone that is in or comes to Central NY near Utica and Syracuse that can help a stressed out novice, please let me know.


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That's a little far for me from LI, but you can gert some great help here...
Concrete floors, indeed any hard floors, can present problems acoustically... any chance you'd be amenable to carpeting? Any time someone suggests something made out of a certain wood for sound improvement sounds like snake oil to me, but you do want SOMETHING to keep the speakers off the concrete...I think run-of-the-mill rubber feet would do the trick... my speakers are on spikes, but they came with the speakers and my floor is carpet which the spikes won't ruin...
As for angling the speakers up, I've never tried Def Techs, so try it both ways and see how you like it...
As for connection schemes, this could get a little more complicated, but still doable online... just start with what equipment you have (AVR/preamp, TV, BD Player, which DefTechs)...
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Hi Greg....Thanks for the help. I am sure if I applied myself, I could look real hard at my basement surroundings and figure out where and how to place everything. And I could probably learn about what chords to get for each piece of equipment and where everything gets connected. I suppose I could even learn how to set things up on screen between TV, Cable Box, Receiver or Amp/Pre-Amp, Slim PS3, etc.

However, my personality is such where I just stress out over things I do not know about or feel will take me forever to figure out....along with the many mistakes I would make.

So, even though I do agree with everything you said, my personality is such, where I just want to find someone nearby that knows about all of this stuff, pay them, without me going broke, and have them place, set-up and connect everything for me, so all I have to do is just turn on the power and watch my TV or PS3, or listen to music.

I have driven myself crazy over the past few months just trying to figure out what equipment would be best for me since I did not have a clue. the problem has been that almost everyone has a different opinion of what receiver or speakers are better and it only confused me more.

I am sure there are some people in Syracuse that do this connecting/installing stuff, even though mine will not be a true install. It will be placing my equipment in my equipment rack, then just placing my speakers where they should go in a 5.1 set-up and connecting chords. Then, just turn everything on and make the on-screen adjustments.

Thanks again.
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I can help with this, but I am not local and will not return until March. Finding a single person to do everything well is probably impossible. People who who are good at running wires are not good at other setting up the parameters in the gear or acoustics for example.
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I would get some like UMR to completely set-up your entire system and calibrate all your sources. I have read quite a few of his posts and reviews and is very knowledgeable.

You can also start by posting a picture of your room so people can get an understanding of what you are working with and provide suggestions. Even walk you through it so that you will learn why they are telling you to do what. This way if something goes wrong years from now or need to upgrade you'll know what to do. It's what the forum is for. Thats why I love this place.
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Hello UMR...I will not be ready and have all of my equipment until around March anyway, so your timing to this area, would probably work just fine.

Maybe we can PM each other and I can provide you with my phone number. That way, I could explain things better to you and you could provide me with further information and at least a rough estimate of what it would cost.

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Nothing wrong with wanting to have a pro come in and do it. Some people enjoy doing this and just need a little hand-holding. I just wanted to make sure you knew the help was here if you wanted it. Yes, equipment choices can be confusing as there's so much to choose from and everything is someone's favorite.

You'll be in good hands with Jeff (UMR). He's well regarded by anyone I've ever seen post about him.
Best of luck!
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Hello glaufman...Thanks for the positive comments. Just like we all shop for equipment, I am very open minded and welcome you or anyone else who is qualified to assist me, send me a PM and phone number, or I can call.

I do not think it hurts for me to discuss what I am trying to do and discuss qualifications from several people, then make a decision. I am very open to discussing things with you too, if you ever get up this way, or plan too in March or April.

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My fee structure is on my website at www.accucalhd.com/pricing.htm. I can send you info on audio and video if you email me at jeff@accucalhd.com.
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