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Def. Tech. bp2006tl help

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One of my towers LED light will not light up, the mids run fine but the woofer is not working. The power cord is plugged in and it happens when the LFI is plugged in or not. Is there a fuse or something? I rarely use them and was working last time i used it. Thanks in advance.
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This happened to me as well in another model. First check the fuse . If fuse is good , then try to increase the volume knob to max and see it helps to kick in the amp. If not then I suspect that the power amp is not kicking in . I talked to Def Tech Technician and ended up sending only the amplifier back to them for service. Its easy to remove the amp.
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I tried the volume thing, but to no avail. Do You know if the fuse is behind the slotted screw in the back near the volume?
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Yes, the slotted head is the fuse holder. Note the fuse ratings are also printed there. Don't forget to pull the power before removing the fuse.
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Thanks, i will pull it tomorrow and post my findings. I am hoping it's just a fuse. How much did Def. Tech charge you?
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Try one more thing .... interchange the left and right channels outputs to your speakers just to sure it's not the receiver !

You have to send them the whole back panel . There are only a few spade connections between your loudspeakers and the amp but dont forget to label all the connections before you remove the back panel besides labeling I took a photo just to be sure .

Call DefTech to get a RMA before sending the back panel. Cost is about $100 with about 2-3 weeks turnaround time when I sent them in last year. You can still use the speaker , just reconnect the mid and tweeters to your speaker cable and rely on one subwoofer only.
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Well, the fuse is shot. I pulled the fuse from the good one and tried it and the light came on, but the woofer was making a humming noise along with some static. When ever i plug them back in they always make a loud popping noise , then faint beeps then no noise, this one did none of that this time.
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When you plug it back on a few seconds after you unplug there will be a pop sound from the subwoofer but that's normal . So is the speaker working after you change the fuse? You can buy replacement fuse from local harware store but bring the blown fuse for physical size.
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It does not make the normal pop, it just goes to a loud hummm, like it's stuck on a lFE, but i can hear crackling/ static in the background. I did not try playing audio yet, but the woofer is vibrating, but it just keeps humming, even though i am not sending any audio to it.
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I think you might have a bad amplifier board . There is only one sure way to find out. Replace the suspected bad amplifier with the good one from your other speaker ie swap the back panels . Probably takes about 1/2 hr work but probably worth the effort. If your speaker now works properly , then for sure its the amp .
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