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I jumped on the Energy deal at newegg recently after reading all the positive things about it. I am setting them up with Pio-vsx919 and Acoustech H-100. I went over my budget a bit to get the better sub after reading really good things about it. Waiting for all of them to arrive and then its setup time. Hope my first system sounds good enough to keep me happy for a few years .

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You should be quite pleased with the Take Classic + sub system. It's definitely a *huge* step up from TV speakers or any HTiB or (shudder) Bose system.

I'd be listening to them myself right now, if I hadn't caught the upgrade bug real quick and upgraded to some Energy C-series towers + bookshelves just before the bookshelves became extinct.

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I bought those same speakers before Christmas when newegg was selling them for $125 shipped. I am using them for a 5.1 setup in my bedroom and could not be happier. You really need a sub that can do at least a 120Hz crossover though but it looks like you got it covered with the BIC.

I also run Energy in my living room with 3 Take FPS mounted next to my plasma and Russound in-ceiling. Also ordered the parts for a DIY sub from CSS that will be get me an F3 of 20Hz. Energy really does make some great sounding speakers for the price.
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Hey guys,

Another question on these speakers. I've received them, and mounted the surrounds (my sub just got here today, so I didn't want to mount the fronts because at least I have the bose module until the sub was in place)

The way my room is set up, is that my TV is on one wall, and my couch (my main viewing location) is up against the opposite wall. This is a 5.1 setup. Should I orient the surround speakers so that they face forward, ie parallel to my seating position, or should I angle them in pointed at my seating position? I'm only concerned about this because they are on the same wall my couch is up against so there's only horizontal space between my and the speakers, no depth.

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the surrounds in a 5.1 setup are actually intended to be "side" surround speakers, ideally placed about 10-20 degrees behind the listening position to either side. So that is not actually that bad of a placement, although "couch against the back wall" is really not an optimal acoustic position. If you are able to scoot the couch forward a bit that will definitely help...

Anyway, try to get the surrounds spread out as wide as possible so you have some separation, and then if possible angle them in towards the center. If they have to fire straight forward it's not the worst thing, but ideally they should be pointed in a bit towards the middle (as in this diagram):

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Thanks! One of my surrounds is on a bookshelf, and the other is on an adjustable mount so I'm able to point them in the direction you indicated. Makes a big difference in the surround effects.
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I'm thinking of getting the Take 5 for my home theater room, but am a bit concerned if they are big enough...able to fill the room with sound.

The room is 17' x 15' by 9' high.

If it matters, using ceiling mount projector throwing 104" picture, 2 rows of seats 11' and 16' away.

Looking to purchase a Denon AVR 2310 CI for the receiver.

Will the Take 5 with a good sub fill the room?

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My theater room is 20x15 with 8' ceilings and I have the Take5 with a BIC America F12 sub and it more than fills the room with amazing sound. Love this setup.
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