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Ps2 no image

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When I turn my Ps2 on I get this reaction from my console:
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It is a SCPH77004 PAL model (no mod chips on it) that is connected to the TV trough a component cable (that came with the console). The problem first started about 3 days ago when I opened the console and the screen was green-ish (the main menu and the games) and then the screen got darker and darker and it started to flicker and finally this morning there was no image and no sound (before the image disappeared completely the sound was present)
If anyone could help me I would appreciate it.
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is it an official Sony cable?

I have not had good luck with 3rd party component cables
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Yes, it is the original cable that came with the console. I had no problems with it since I got it.
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Sometimes the A/V out pins can get bent, you might look at them with a magnifing glass. That happened with my PS2. Check both the external pin on the A/V cable and the internal pins on the console itself.
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I've tried that, and nothing.
When this whole thing started, the picture on the screen was green, witch I understand it is a protection thing that Sony put on the Ps2 to prevent piracy when playing movie DVD's ( I haven't played any of these DVD's ). After the green screen, the picture got darker and darker and finally the sound and image disappeared. Is it possible that these two things to be related?

(please forgive my bad English)
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