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I am looking to buy my first 5.1 system for my family room (not a dedicated home theater). Main seating area is 12 feet away from a 60" plasma that is on a stand in an entertainment center. My center speaker will go on the tv stand directly below the tv. My question is about the mains. Because of the size of my entertinment system, if I go with a floor speaker or large bookshelf on a stand, the mains would have to be about 14 feet apart from each other (each one about 4 feet away from the edge of the tv). I have read that this would not be an ideal position. My other option is to place the mains on shelves in the entertainment center in which case they would be about 8 feet away from each other (and each about 1 foot away from the edge of the tv). If I did it this way, I would be limited to a small bookshelf speaker. Thus, my question is whether I am better off with small bookshelf speakers more properly positioned aabout 8 feet apart or a bigger floor or bookshelf that is not optinally placed and about 14 feet apart? Thanks.