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Do I update Panasonic TV firmware or not?

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Upon channel scan (Florida Comcast Cable) the TV does not find channel 5-1 (a digital version of the local NBC station) which it used to have. And it seems to sometimes find "-1" channels one moment and not the next.

TV: Panasonic TH-42px60U Plasma purchased 2006
Firmware: 1.00

Panasonic tech support said it could be low cable signal strength OR that the firmware update could help.

The Digital Tuner firmware offered is version 1.04 and says its for:
*Over the air ATSC channels drop off the channel list and "Channel Not Available" is displayed
*"Poor Signal Quality" is displayed after a digital channel is lost. (ATSC or direct cable without a CableCARD.)

I'm tech enough to download the software, put it on an SD card and add the new software. But I know little of TV electronics or communications (like what ATSC is).

So... do I chance doing this? Live with it. Can it be undone and revert to version 1.00?
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This question would probably be better answered in the thread for your TV or similar Panasonic TVs. I have heard of some firmware updates causing problems with different AV devices so you'll want to check with others to see if anyone has updated their TVs and how it went for them.

As far as your specific problem, the firmware update could help. However, a lot of cable companies tned to move their QAM channels around a lot which causes havoc with QAM tuners. I personally think they do this on purpose in order to frustrate people and convince them to rent a cable box. That could be what is causing this issue, it might not be your TV at all.
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Thank you, Beerstalker. I will look further before I leap. I never thought to look for Panasonic-specific forums... good idea. Thanks again.
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We had the same problem with one of our Plasma TV's.

As it turns out, we were using the old RG-59 coaxial cable instead of the newer RG-6 cable with the connection on just that one TV from the wall to the TV.

According to someone I talked to at Comcast, the old RG-59 cable isn't always reliable for getting HD channels.

We replaced the RG-59 cable with an RG-6 and the problem was fixed.

Not sure which cable you have? Many times, the cable type will be written on the outside of the cable in small letters. RG-6 is slightly thicker than the RG-59.

Just an idea and a simple and cheap fix.
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Good point, GrnXnham. I'll check this as soon as I can. Thank you.
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Yes, try all other options first.
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I have a Panasonic TH-50PX75U and the firmware update did help.
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I just meant look around in the Plasma Forums here. I did a quick search in there and found 42 threads about your exact model, I'm sure there's even more threads that deal with all of the 60U models.

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