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I'm having some problems understanding which files Sony DVD Architect will allow without re-compressing them...

Lets say I want to compress a Blu-Ray compatible H264-file from Adobe After Effects. Which settings to use? I've tried most profiles, resolutions and fps, but DVD Architect says it must be re-compressed, although the settings matches...

After Effects has a H264 BluRay-preset, theese files goes into Adobe Encore, but not into DVD Architect. Why?

The only files so far I've gotten into DVD Architect so far (except un-compressed files of course) are MPEG2 files from Sony Vegas (Settings 1440x1080 50i. 25 Mbps). But I want to use full res 1920x1280, and AVC/H264 codec...

I hope some of you have any wisdom on theese Blu-Ray codecs, I will appreciate it a lot!