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Bay Audio speakers

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I am being recommended bookshelf speakers of this brand by someone I trust completely, and by whom I consider an expert of audio and consumer electronics. Why then is there absolutely no information or reviews on the internet? Are they strictly sold by high dollar custom installers? My friend will be selling them to me at dealer cost, so there is no motivation to push these on me for any other reason than to make me happy. If you have any experience listening to Bay Audio I would appreciate the feedback.
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Do you mean these? I had never heard of them before.
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Are they made by Michael Bay? They might explode so be careful!
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I used to a company that used BayAudio. I actually have a pair of their "Capri" outdoor speakers. They sound awesom. Matter of fact, I am searching online right now to find a dealer. (Don't really want to call a past employer). That's how I came upon your post. I have heard only their outdoor "Capri" speakers and a pair of their Bookshelf speakers. For what it's worth, I think pretty highly of them. I just wish I could find a dealer.
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