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Cable Divider

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My provider is Time Warner Cable and I have both TV and Internet. They are using a two way splitter and my question is I want to add another TV. What
would be the best option? If I split it three ways would there be a degradation
in signal quality?
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There should be enough incoming signal levels for a three-way split without degradation to picture quality.
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If you want to know the power levels at present just access the cable modem diagnostic screen and see what the up and downstream powers are at this time.

What type of modem do you have (manufacturer)?
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Thanks for the help. It's a Arris TM502G. There is no screen. I also use Time Warner Phone service and this
modem connects the telephone as well. I saw a Motorola signal booster for about 35 bucks on Amazon and it got good reviews. Would that be worth a try?
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With the modem working.

go to and you will see a diagnostic screen pop up and look for a tab to see the power levels, note the Downstream and Upstream power levels and SNR (signal to noise ratio).
Write them down and post them here.
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I copied these directly from the Arris Touchstone Status

Freq/Power: 699.000 MHz -2 dBmV
Signal to Noise Ratio: 36 dB
Modulation: QAM256

Freq/Power: 21.000 MHz 38 dBmV
Channel Type: DOCSIS 1.x (TDMA)
Symbol Rate: 2560 kSym/sec
Modulation: QAM16
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Now knowing these numbers any additional splitting will decrease those numbers by 3.5db for each 2 way split.

I would probably leave that 2 way in place and take the other leg and split that again and feed your 2 TV's.

You will be hitting the TV's with about -6dbmv which normally is enough to work without problems if that level drops a few more db you may have issues.

The easiest and cheapest solution is to add another 2 way splitter.
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Thanks for the advice and help.
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