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Originally posted by wsreed
Is it me or has channel 8 now filled the 16x9 screen for all their transmissions on the digital channel
Bill Reed
I noticed West Wing was letterboxed on top and bottom.... what's up with that?

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In reference to WFLA...

You guys are talking about Over The Air broadcasts - right? Not Time Warner... ??

Just want to be sure - cuz I'm STILL anxiously waiting for TWC to flip the switches so I can see a REAL HD broadcast!! :confused:
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Yes, it is OTA.

Looks like they are stretching it. Watching Friends last night, all of their heads were touching the top edge of the screen. Not how it should be. Although ER looked good (probably because it had the bars on the top and bottom and they stretched them out).

Anyone waiting for Band Of Brother in HD/5.1 on monday?
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I know this is the MARCH thread, and it is now April,but we are getting the Scientific Atlanta 3100's soon here in Austin.

Could those of you with 3100's take a look at this thread ?


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I watched Band of Brothers last night. Not sure if it was real HD or not but it was very good. Better than an DVD I have seen so far (I don't have a progressive scan player so maybe...). In any case between the digital sound and the picture it was great.

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Is someone going to start an April thread?
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