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Any merit to Pioneer speakers?

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Just browsing craigslist to get some speakers for my 14yr old's bedroom, and came across Pioneer S-H351F-K, floorstanding 3-way with side firing 10" woofers, at a pretty low price ($40). Anyone know if these are good/ok/serviceable/garbage? The only thing I could find out about them online is that they are from around the year 2000. He has an old Sony ES 9 receiver, which currently powers an old Kenwood hatchback car full-range speaker box. I know, it's a frankenstein system, but it fits under his TV stand and works for video games.
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Back in my day they were pretty good. For $40 bucks, why not.
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Nothing special at all but, at that price, if they are in decent condition and if they appeal, fine. I would not put any additional money into them.

[BTW, my comments refer to these speakers and to most Pioneer speakers but not to the excellent EX series.]
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"Any merit to Pioneer speakers?" None whatsoever... Seriously, for your sons requirements they should be fine. If not, it's only $40.00.
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