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Total household remote solution: RF or IR?

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Greetings All,

Been planning out a house hold solution for distributing digital signals to 4 displays in 4 different rooms.

A quick run down, locating some sources centrally that can distribute signals to any of the 4 displays via a HDMI Matrix Switch. Cable box, WD HDTV Live, and Blu Ray Player.

Had originally planned on getting a basic IR Repeater system from Niles that would be placed in all 4 rooms, with basic universal remotes.

Been reading up on RF as there are no cable runs, and is close in cost in the end.

Here is my question. Looking at the harmony remotes, and state that range is 100ft. 3 of the 4 displays will be within 100ft, however, the last will be about 150ft away. Is there anything that can repeat the RF signal to ensure that I have full cover in the rooms with displays?

Is there a better choice for a house hold solution than a harmony base station? Maybe something that provides better coverage? I will be using 4 separate remotes. All will control the same sources, but different displays.

thanks for any advice!
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Are you planning to have more than 1 remote in all these rooms? If so, Harmony RF may be tricky.

Also, regardless of RF, I would be cautious of using Harmony remotes in a setup with a single equipment cabinet. The reason being power state tracking. If you have more than one remote trying to do power state tracking of the shared equipment it will always be out of sync.

Wired IR repeaters are probably going to be the most cost effective scenario here.
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I wouldn't count on the Harmony RF being a good choice beyond 25 to 30 feet. Add in some walls and you can reduce the range further.
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I was looking to have one remote per room, so 4 remotes total.

IR is fine by me as I'll be running plenty of drops to each location, and CAT5E is cheap.

Rather spend the money on a system that I know will work, than buying something that I will constantly have to throw money at to get work correctly.

Thanks for your responses... it is much appreciated.
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Have you looked at rti it can do what you what.
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I have not looked into RTI...


That their site?
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