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Sunfire TS-EQS10 problem

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Hello, I hope you can help me with a problem. Recently we notice that the subwoofer in our system is no longer working. It is a Sunfire EQ Solitaire 10. Previously was working fine. Now, does not play at all. Checked the outlet, has power. Fuse is good. When you flip it on or off at the switch, a very quite "thump" occurs so it seems to get a bit of power, but seems to stay in stand by. When I try to reset per the instructions, the lights on the back EQ do not light up, nor do they light at any other time. I even attempted to perform the auto EQ setup, however, again the LEDs do not light up and the sub does not generate any test tones. I suspect there's something wrong with the electronics in it. Can anyone provide any assistance? Thanks!
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Sounds like a trip to Sunfire is in order. From what I've read, they don't like to give out their schematics. If they no longer fix it, maybe Rita's Vintage Audio Repair works on that model. Rita just fixed my Sunfire Signature last month. (Kept coming back on after shutting off, even with no signal present or even plugged into the audio input.)

I'm betting that you've lost some capacitors. They break down internally from the shaking and internal pressures they are subject too. Rita replaced 12 in my Sunfire, and it was still working!

On it's return, I made a separate cabinet for the plate amp and a block-off plate to replace it on the speaker cabinet. No more vibration of the components and much better ventilation.

BTW, Sunfire was ready to offer me a generous trade-in on my Signature toward a new EQ model.
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May I ask what was the trade in value offered through Sunfire? I am debating having Rita fix my amp, as I am sure it is the capacitors that have gone bad.
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Hello pals: I've got a TS EQ10 and it works fine. But after I turn off the receiver it keeps working ( I can feel the vibrations in the drives) for more then 15 minutes. If I turn it off and on at once it disappears. Sometimes I just turn off the receiver and all the components and go o sleep. When I wake up, no more problem. I read the Hum-stop alternatives, but why it turns on quiet when I turn it on off and on. If there was something wrong the procedure would be to no avail. Any ideas of what may be happening? Thanks in advance.

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