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Display changes to washed out colors when playing 1080p content

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I am using an NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT card with the newest stable driver (195.62) on a PC running Windows 7 64-bit. The PC is connected to a Sony KDL-46W4100 LCD TV via DVI to HDMI cable.

When I open a 1080p mkv file in MPC, VLC, or WMP the screen goes black for a second, and when it comes back the colors are washed out, not just in the video but the entire display. Once I stop the video the screen goes black for a second, and then goes back to normal. This does not happen with 720p content, just 1080p. In VLC if I change the zoom to 50% the issue is fixed, but once I bring it back to 100% the issue comes back. In MPC the issue remains no matter what zoom I use. In WMP the issue exists when in full screen or when the window is maximized, but if the window is not maximized it looks fine.

After playing around with the NVIDIA Control Panel I realized I can recreate the issue by changing the "Connector" value to "HDMI - HDTV (Audio Disabled)". When I apply this setting the screen becomes washed out. If I set it back to "HDMI - HDTV (Audio Enabled)" the display goes back to normal.

I tried doing an EDID override in the registry to make the driver recognize the cable as DVI instead of HDMI, which worked in terms of connector recognition, but it made the colors washed out so I got rid of the override.

The video itself doesn't look that bad when the issue is happening, but I have a feeling there must be a loss of quality since the background looks so washed out.

Any ideas?
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I have an almost identical system, except I have a 9400GT card, and I have the Costco version of the 46" Bravia.

It makes no sense, that sometimes the TV sees my HTPC as a computer (very little control), and other times it sees my HTPC as a video device (and I can choose Custom, Standard, etc). What I did find, is that if I set the PC to 1080i, it IS recognized as a video device. I don't use my PC to play games, so I don't mind dropping down to 30FPS.
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See if your TV has an option in the menu for RGB full. My projector allows me to manually specify the input colorspace, and if I get that wrong, I'll have all sorts of issues. Both your video card and your display need to be set to the same color range. Either 0-255 or 16-235. Sounds to me like your PC is full and your TV is set to limited.

Again here I'm guessing, but on my Mits RPTV, I had one hdmi connector specifically for use with a pc. I always assumed that was the one that defaulted to full rbg. I know I used it and had extra overscan options on the remote control vs the other hdmi's when I tried them (just for giggles). If your manual recommends to use one hdmi for a pc, be sure that's the one being used.
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Your comment about 1080P MKV files kept nagging at me...

Most of the "1080P" MKVs I've come across are Blu-ray rips. Blu-ray movies are typically 24FPS (23.976FPS to be exact). The only content available at 60FPS would be from a game console (or computer game) I believe.

So, my solution of running the Bravia @ 1080i makes sense.
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Wouldn't I be losing quality by running at 1080i? Or does the fact that the content is actually 1080p mean that it would end up the same?
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1080P = 1920x1080@60FPS. 1080i = 1920x1080@30FPS. Blu-ray = 1920x1080@24FPS. (all FPS figures rounded off)
The only 1080P content (at the moment) is from video games.

If anything, it will take less horsepower to display 1080i, and there should be NO loss in quality. I do know that on my Sony Bravia KDL46WL140, I have much more control over the picture when I run my HTPC in 1080i mode.
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