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Pioneer VSX-9040TXH Advanced MCACC blinking !!!

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The Advanced MCACC light on my VSX-9040TXH started blinking after a power outage. I just hooked everything up to it and got it set up last night. I've searched for hours and can't find a solution for this model.

The Enter + Video2 won't work because there's no video2 button.

From what I've been able to find, Pioneer's other models all have some type of button combination you can press to reset the problem.

Does anyone have any idea of the correct buttons to push for this model.

the VSX-9140TXH, VSX-21TXH and VSX-23TXH are all almost identical so if anyone has had the same problem with any of these and knows the solution, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Will your unit power on?

On page 98 in the owners manual it says if the unit powers off and wont power on and the MCACC light is blinking you have a major problem and need to contact Pioneer for service.
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This is a common problems with previous models. They are very touchy when not powered off via the power button.

If the power flickers on and off repeatedly, they tend to go into a protected state.

Unfortunately, I didn't have mine on a UPS yet, just a surge protector.

If I can try the button sequence first before sending it out for service, I'm pretty confident it will take care of the problem.

Worst part of this is it happened on my birthday. Plus I had people over ready to watch the football games.
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I'm sure there is a processor reset combination of buttons. Check the Pioneer Elite vsx-21/23 thread because that receiver is pretty much a VSX-21.
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I have the same problem, flashing mcaac light on my vsx23.

Any button reset combo?
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Hey guys,

The reset code you are looking for with the 23TXH is Tune - & Multi-Zone on-off buttons held simultaneously for 2 seconds. This will reset the power fault. Use at your own risk, since resetting is no guarantee that there is not a problem. My opinion though, is that a simple power fluctuation just causes the unit to self protect unnecessarily. I doubt whether a dealer visit is justified. Great source of income for the repair shops I bet.

Have no fear, Liquid's here...
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awesome it worked its actualy the tune(-) and multi-tume (control) buttons

i had the problem that some liquid spilled in it months ago, it went in to protective mode and untill now i assumes its broken ... YAY
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I turned on my SC-1525 and it emited a loud beep, after that the advanced mcacc started blinking.... I tried the combo TUNE - MULTI ZONE ON OFF and it worked.
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hi, i have the SC86 model and got the blinking MCACC. will the procedure be the same for this model?
Tune - & Multi-Zone on-off buttons held simultaneously for 2 seconds.
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Great advice. I pressed Multi-Zone Off/On and Tune (Down) together - it worked (Please note that the system may go back to blinking again but repeat the "Multi-Zone Off/On and Tube (Down)" process).

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This topic just saved me a very stressful weekend!


Not being fully awake yet on a Saturday morning, I was measuring up for a new TV stand. Schoolboy error - I didn't power the receiver off before putting the metal end of the tape measure behind the amp. It only touched the very top/right/back corner but must have connected the back panel to the overlapping chassis surround. Result: a click, and no power light.


I thought it was completely dead but after changing the power cable, checking the manual and searching online I found this topic.


Model: Pioneer SC LX81

Reset combination: Down arrow (over to the left) and Multi-Zone and Source "on/off" button.


It fired back into life pretty quickly, the (annoyingly bright) power LED came on. I can't remember if it took 2 seconds, but I'm not going to try it again!!!

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