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Well I managed to burn one of the 5050s up and when i called back they said they didnt have anymore and that they would either give me a refund after i paid shipping back to them or i could call marathon to have them cover it under warranty.
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and other than email i cant find any way to contact them.
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What happened to it? Did it just stop working, in a fault state? Can the site you picked it up from provided Marathons number?

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You burnt it up on just 2 15's? What type of AC line was it plugged into and how were the drives wired to it? How did it act when it failed and what were you listening to? Was it clipping at the time? Just trying to get some information...

Sorry to hear that. Apparently we DIYer's are hard on some amps. Seems to be a trend around here lately.
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Im pretty sure its my fault that its messed up. But let me say that there packaging sucks first off. 80 pound amp needs alot more packaging material than what they had. When they showed up and i pluged one in it triped the circuit breaker, I restet it and tried it again. It powered up that time I then tried to bridege that one amp and got nothing... basically one channel wasnt playing. The second amp was fine. So i pulled the lid and looked around a connector had came loose from the board. Also i noticed the rear metal was a little bent and a board was loose. I got to lookin and notided the screws werent tight. I had to tighten all the screw that hold the side boards down on Both amps and the main 1/2 bolt that holds the main copper coil. I guess from beating around in shipping. Put the lid on and powered it back up... worked fine. Used that one single amp all week in mono mode to power all 4 subs at 4ohm loads to make sure it was A ok. So i was waiting on the xlr y to show up before using both of them at the same time. It showed up yesterday and i finally got to use them both at the same time. I was powering them with 2 seperate 120v 20 amp circuits. They were workin great good clean hittin bass. Made my celing mount projector move. Decided to use my BFD. Hooked it up powered it on and zap blew both fuses in both amps. At first i thought it was a the circuit breakers again checked it they were fine came back and smelt the stench of electronic death. Check the main fuses to the amps. They were 25amp fuses in there when it states that they are suppose to be 20s Both blown... One amp had a ceramic and the other just a glass fuse. Disconect the BFD, Replaced the fuses and powers on and immediatly trips the circuit breaker. The second amp is fine. I pull the lid of the one that trips the breakers and has the smell and i visually see nothing wrong. I think the BFD did this to them im not sure where i went wrong. It was passing the singnal thru fine powered off. Im bout over big amps any how...the fans stay on all the time on these amps and are too loud for me. Im tempted to build 2 THTs and use a couple a Bryston's to power them.
Sucks to be me.
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I am thinking I would return the amps. The should not arrive with loose boards and bent areas. Were they packed in original Marathon boxes?

You have 30 days from that site and they say 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Hmm...I'd say something was not right with the one amp that had the issues you mentioned and I don't think the BFD had anything to do with it. I've got a bunch of big amps and I drive them very hard sometimes and I've only tripped a breaker maybe twice ever and that was due to a feedback loop that was my fault when I unmuted the wrong channel one time and the other was straight sine waves at just below clipping.

You seem to have tripped the breaker quite a few times just trying to power them on. Maybe something is not right with the electric line?
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Im thinking the same thing either way its gonna cost me to ship them back to marathon or comp u whatever.. . Yes they were the og boxes but they are junk My brystons come double boxed with styrafoam inbetween the boxes and the amps are encased as well the marathons are in card board. double cardboard.

That number was correct by the way and he was like send it in and we will replace it but Im not sure what ill do. Im gonna have to get some sub amps somewhere. The fan is an issue for me whit these
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No i ran the lines new a few years back and have used them for the last few years with the previous crown and bryston aragon euipment. Im just lucky it seems here lately...lol. Im seriously thinkin on the THT subs idk what im gonna do right yet ill think ion it over the weekend.
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Did Marathon say it would be covered under the warranty?

I had a 75 pound balanced transformer shipped from Equitech and that was only 25 bucks. I know it more money out of your pocket but if the one that worked rocked the house, maybe send the other one in for repair.

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yea they said theyd look at it and or send me a new one. Im scared to death to try the BFD again i think i might just ebay it.
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Update I have burnt the second one up as well. It wasnt sounding right so i put a 2ohm load on it for about 30 seconds thats when the fun started ...Im talkin sparks inside and the smell of death. No blown fuse no tripped breakers nothing. They are both gonna have to go back.
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Did you end up returning both amps? If so, what brand did you end up with?

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Originally Posted by exojam View Post

You can check the below place for the 4050, probably the lowest cost you may find (they are a authorized dealer).



thanks for the info. i was gonna order an ep4000. But this looks to be a way better deal but i was wonder if i can mod the fan.
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I sent them back to Compuplus. They had them 3 weeks and i finally called and was like WTF you think you can refund my money and they gave me the run around and that they were damaged in shipping back to them and they werent refunding me. This went on for like 2 more week finally i told them if they werent gonna refund me to ship them back to me and i would send them off to have them fixed. Later that day i called back... the whole time they never retured any of my calls..And they said they could refund me the full amount. I WILL/WOULD NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.

To answer your question i bought 2 Bryston 7bs to run the subs. They have no fans and have great power to push the subs.
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Sorry to hear about the hassle.

I was going to order one today from them but your story makes me a little nervous. I just cannot find that price for one anywhere else though. I hope this was a one time thing for them and if I go through with it things turn our a little better.

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Originally Posted by daschet View Post

To answer your question i bought 2 Bryston 7bs to run the subs. They have no fans and have great power to push the subs.

Wow big $$$ for just 600Watts

A QSC 2450 goes for a fraction of their price tag and you would have more power.
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Eddie Van Halen, famous guitar player, has been making commercial product.
It started with this guitar amplifier, the 5150 seen here;

He joined up with the red-rocker, Sammy Hagar, and they developed an amplifier that was later purchased by Marathon, the 5050 amplifier.
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You know... I had a red and white 5150 full stack about 18 years ago lol
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All my amps are now Bryston. I have 6 total. They are the pro series as well. There used, but look brand new and you cant beat a 20year warranty. The ones i have, have a few years left on them. I'm on the lookout to upgrade constantly. I run the 3 4bs bridges for the fronts and one 4b for the rear surround. The 7bs do one cabinet of subs.

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