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Tivax STB-T9

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In my city we have one station that broadcasts on a physical channel (50) that is different from its virtual channel (3).

My Tivax constantly loses the virtual channel. You tune to the virtual channel (3) and get a "no signal" display. But, if you tune directly to the physical channel (50-1 or 50-2) , voila, you get a signal.

Sometimes it maps the channel to the virtual channel (tune to 50-1, it tunes to 3-1; tune to 50-2 it tunes to 3-2), sometimes it maps to another channel altogether (tune to 50-1, it tunes to 50-3 and displays the programming for what is supposed to show on 50-1 aka 3-1).

Once I go through this process, the box remembers that 3-1&2 are a virtual channels for 50-1&2 for some random length of time between a couple hours and a few days. Then the Tivax box forgets again.

If I'm watching TV, it is a hassle but tolerable. But when i have my mythbox changing channels to record something, it doesn't know that this is going on, so it tunes to 3-1 and records an hour of "no signal" instead of the program.

I have a rock solid signal from a transmitter 2-3 miles away.

Does anyone else have this problem or has anyone worked out a solution? I have this same issue with both of my Tivax boxes and customer support is so far unresponsive.
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I don't have one of these units, but have you read through the Tivax thread?
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