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Need sound system for Toshiba 42ZV650U

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I've got a Toshiba 42ZV650U that serves me well enough but the sound isn't perfect and during high-bass scenes the case makes a vibration sound. I figure it's about time I bought some speakers for it.

I'm far from an audiophile and the only speakers I've ever installed were simple plug-in computer speakers. So, I don't really know exactly what I need other than something that's relatively easy to hook up (no running wires or punching holes in the wall, please) and costs less than $300 total. Naturally, the lower the better.

I tend not to listen to my TV terribly loud (I don't turn the bass up because I don't want bother anyone, which is not to say I don't want a subwoofer). I'm not opposed to a 5.1 setup though I'm not sure where I'd put the rear speakers as my couch is mid-room. I've heard a sound bar might be a good choice for me but I'm concerned it'll sound like a mono speaker rather than stereo (or 3.1?).

Also I don't have a receiver and have been told I need one, but I have little idea what receivers actually do other than connect speakers to a TV.

Thanks for the help, and sorry for my ignorance.
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Energy from newegg but you'll still need a subwoofer and receiver.:


Find an energy subwoofer or a dayton at partsexpress.com

Check out accessories4less.com or harmanaudio/ebay for receiver.

If you cant do that than post here in the HTiB forum:

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Thanks. I think I might put a post in there anyway, if no one minds.
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