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How can I get a good vcr picture through my hdtv?  

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Hi everyone

I just bought a 27" dynaflat hdtv and the vcr picture is horrible. It looks much worse than my regular antenna signal. I know hdtvs are for higher quality signals but I want to enjoy my vcr also. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Yoiu probably can't. VCR pictures ARE horrible. That's just the way they are.

'haven't watched a tape since I bought my first DVD player.
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I get very good VCR images on my Elite 58" 16X9 RPTV, but it took some work to get them because you're dealing with an analog system. On the other hand, DVD's give you great images with very little work.

I use a high end VCR, a good S-Video cable, and use a separate input on my Elite so I can have custom picture settings dialed in just to optimize things for the VCR.

If you like to enjoy films from many different eras you must have a decent VCR setup because many great films are not yet on DVD ........ or some not on laser disk either.

I try always to buy widescreen VHS movies for my RPTV and I expand them out to nearly fill the screen for a quite passable home theater experience. I often use simulated surround sound to juice up the audio, but DPL II would do VCR sound better.

For instance, try to find Hawaii, Lion of the Desert, Wind and the Lion, and The Martian Chronicles on DVD (or laser disk either).
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Thanks guys. I'll try and mess with it some more. I guess I might have to buy a better vcr to get the picture I want. I can't seem to get rid of the distortion and the orange tint in the picture.

Thanks again
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How about buying an SVHS deck with 19 micron heads?? This will be your best option for recording TV, unless of course if you want to shell out the $$$$ for DVHS.

Also buy quality tapes. SVHS tapes are better quality and are required if you want to record in SVHS quality on a SVHS machine. Make sense? Sorry if I confused the situation......

Last connect your VCR using a decent quality SVideo cable (not the one that comes with the VCR).
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I'm thinking of looking at the jvc HR-S9900 super vhs. Will I get a decent picture using the tapes I recorded with the vcr I have now? It's just a regular 4 head hi-fi vcr.

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U should also open your vcr and clean the head real good and then de-Mag it if u have access to a de_mag tool
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