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1500 to 2000 for speakers & 2 Channel reciever

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My friend just got a new house and the room is 30 foot wide and 16 foot deep with 12 foot high vaulted ceilings - I am helping him get his audio set up and we are looking for good floor speakers that can be used when he upgrades to surround sound in the future but for now they are going to be just stereo for music and parties - for the reciever we will be using just a two channel and later he will move it into the bedroom or out to the pool

For the floor speakers we want to be able to have something that has built in subs because he doesn't want to have a seperate subwoofer - they can be self standing and we size we are pretty flexible on - music wise all music including electronic jazz hip hop rock etc

Not sure what we need to pugt into the reciever but a majority of it we want in the speakers since we only need two channel give me a few ideas please
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Paradigm, PSB, Monitor Audio, PSB, KEF, Dali, B&W all make excellent floorstanders in that price range.

Outlaw Audio has a really cool stereo receiver, I'd probably get an A/V receiver and just add to whatever your friend chooses for mains to create a great 5.1, audiogon is good if he wants 2 channel electronics.

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I am going to keep with a two channel because in the future the surround reciever will be around 1k so id like to keep the two channel at 300 or less unless someone can convince me that an extra 200 is better in a reciever instead of the speakers - I have von schweigert right now myself I don't think he can afford those in his price range though
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I don't know much about ribbon speakers - he likes the idea about skinny speakers the room is a modern design but I don't know about upgrading to surround sound in the future and tone / sound maching later
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some really good deals on ebay for PSBs, you could go with a pair of T5 towers.. they give good sound down to 30-35hz normal MSRP is 899 for a pair.. there is some up factory sealed for 619... the base is pretty good but you may want a t6 if you dont have a sub, i dont know of any deals on t6 though.. although at this great price, i think you'd have room in your budget for a sub, and a good receiver.. id definitely go 2.1 over 2.0 , the sound will be alot better

http://cgi.ebay.com/PSB-Image-T5-Ima...item25587448b5 (cherry)

http://cgi.ebay.com/PSB-Image-T5-Ima...item3359865f5a (black)

660 shipped , leaving you 500-700 for a sub and 500-650 for a good receiver, i dont see the point in buying a 2.0 receiver now and a 5.1 reciever later
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The 2 channel reciever will be used in the bedroom or outside in the future and I think more like 1k would go into a reciever and I want to get the most sound for the money

I agree with a sub but my friend doesn't because of the look so def need intigrated sub
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I agree with the suggestion of the Outlawaudio 2 chan reciever. I'm uncertain but Harmon Kardon might still make a 2 chan still. Nad perhaps? And obviously audiogon is a source if you want to try used. As per the speakers... that's a big room to fill and not too many manufacturers offer speakers with built in subs. Def tech I think offers one, but their speakers never thrilled me. Maybe the M8 from Axiom would suit and could be used as a start for a surround system.
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When I looked at my von s's ilooked at one other speaker maker that I cannot remeber but they had high gloss very modern design came in either black or white high gloss at the time they didn't make surround but they do now that was back 5-6 years ago they had some 10in woofers in the speakers that I think would work but I cannot remember the name same price range as von entry line maybe a bit more expensive ...been driving me crazy all weekend heh
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It is usher speakers - I only see the cp 6311 - they don't make the one with the intigrated sub anymore?
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Ok got the ok on a seperate subwoofer - that outlaw is way to much got to keep that at 300 or less
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Up the budget a little and get either Polk LSi15 or DefTech BP7004, either choice is $1700 / pair.

Then find a receiver to drive them. Getting an AVR that you can use to bi-amp might be a good idea.

That is to do what you said - not what I think you should do.

If ultimately the system will be surround sound then it will have a subwoofer. So it would be better to get a subwoofer and appropriate bookshelves or towers (not necessarily something where you are paying for a lesser subwoofer in its side).
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I am now thinking 1000-1200 for the floor standing speakers and then 600 for the sub and a stereo reciever to be around whatever is left over - I talked my friend into running a subwoofer
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got a budget increase to 3k!

i am thinking Usher cp-6311 or dali ikon 7

the ikon 6 are probalby more comparable...could i run the dali ikon 7's without a sub?

the ikon 6 will certainly need a sub and the cp-6311 will also, but i would have enough to get a good sub at those price points

also does anyone know a decent price point to pick up either of those 3 speakers

I would also be interested in some von's vs2 the floor standing ones ( think they are vs2) but they are discontinued but i love mine and would like to get my friend those if i could find them
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