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Hello, The receivers I have are
Denon 5308CI in main room
Denon 4308CI in kitchen
Denon 4308CI in bedroom
Each receiver is running a TV and surround system. What I am wanting to do is have the kitchen receiver, when playing radio, or on a music channel, or when its steaming audio or something to have that same audio to play on the other speakers in the house (The main room and the bedroom speakers that are hooked into the other denons). What is the best way to go about that, running cables between the receivers is not a problem.
I am not quite sure how to do this. Would I run a cable from the zone 2 and zone 3 out to an input on the other receivers, so they act as amplifiers? Also, the kitchen receiver is running zone 2 speakers for some outside speakers, so well it still output info to the zone2 preamp when those are hooked in? Its fine if the bedroom and main room speakers are on at the same time, so is there a splitter I can use to send zone 2 to both of those amplifiers. Is this barking up the wrong tree altogether?
Thank you for taking the generous effort and time to help me with this :')