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cable distribution help?

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I currently have 5 analogue tvs, 1 digital hdtv, and 1 cable modem (w/ multiple IPs). I will probably be adding another analogue tv soon. I have analogue cable but I receive many digital hd channels through the same line. I'm using some type of Sony distibution system with 2 modulated channels.
The problem with the Sony device is that it is only analogue, and it seems to cause static that is directly related to my internet use (more internet traffic = more static).
I'm looking for a distribution system that will amplify my cable signal for all 7 tvs, work with both analogue and digital signals, and not cause any static. Any recommendations??? I've had a lot of trouble finding useful info online for these things.
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The Sony device is likely a re-badged version of the All-in-One ChannelPlus modulator.

Are you using the modulation functionality to distribute some signal? I assume you are, and you may be putting the modulated channels in a region that is used by the cable modem. IIRC, that device is frequency-agile, so you should be able to move to a different "channel".

The problem with the modulators these days with cable TV service is that the band(s) are getting really full, it can be difficult to find an unused channel to located your modulated signal.

And performing the same job for a digital/high def signal is not cheap yet. ZeeVee has a box that will do it, though.

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I'm curious how the system is hooked up (the modulator) - I've seen that when a modulated signal is inserted on a random leg as opposed to at the demarc point through a combiner, that it can cause very strange results - like random noise.

Jautor is right, though, about the only band that is still relatively unused is the FM band -
There is a pretty good overview of why - HERE... Ignore the propoganda at the end...

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