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I'm looking for a screen that's on a tripod or comes up from the floor that does not require me to put any screws or nails into the wall of the place I am staying. I have been told to check out elite screens and da-lite screens, and have narrowed it down to these from those two websites. Which of these is the best 16/9 screen for watching fast paced sports, blu-rays, and HDTV in general? Sharpness, pretty but accurate colors, shadow detail (very important that everything dark isn't just greyed out with no detail) and fluid motion are most important to me, although getting some extra black (without sacrificing whites) would be great too. So which is best out of these following screens, and are there any other companies I should be checking out? I'm looking to spend $600 or less. I am looking for 80-100 inches diagonal, and a gain around 1.0. I've tried an elite grey screen before and it hurt whites a little bit, and the best thing about the PJ i own (infocus in83) is supposed to be the colors, so I'm thinking a white screen with around 1.0 gain (give or take) would be best.

Here are all the portable screens from da-lite and elite that have large enough 16/9 screens, and in elite's case that are made for hdtv viewing. Of the Da-lite screens I picked I have no idea which are for HDTV and which are just for powerpoint type presentations. That is one of the areas where I need help.

Da-lite screens:

Deluxe insta-theater
Picture king

Elite screens:

Elite ez cinema and ez cinema plus/pro (forget name)

Which gives best picture, is easiest to set up and move, and which would be best for an Infocus in83? Please just answer whatever you know the answers to. And are there any better options from other companies that I am overlooking?