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Ultimate HD Movie Player Software Showdown! (2/2010)

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Ok I'll make this short and sweet since the benefit in this thread will be the comments we all post here.

Like all of you, I've spent months (years?) hunting for the best media player. I've tried myriad standalone players, customizable players, locked-down players, built-into-windows players, and spent hours codec-wrangling.

Let's stop trying to find it all on our own and pool resources!

Since everyone's definition of "best" is different, let me explain what I'm looking for (I think I am a common HTPC user, )

The best player needs to:
1. play stored movies & TV shows as close to perfect as possible.
2. Be easy to use.
3. Look good.
4. have WAF/GAF (OR it can be easy for me to run for her - she has a 30-second codec-fight tolerance)
5. play MKV's, WMV's, and any other HD codec that's in regular use.
6. Be updated regularly & have a large community, since as we all know, this stuff changes fast.
7. Be customizable for different HD setups. (Think HDMI audio out, colorspace correction, etc)
I'm sure we can think of some other requirements - basically:

What do you think is the best HD media player and why?

My Thoughts on the choices:
Pro:Great Player that can play just about anything. Frequently updated, cross-platform.
Cons: Ugly UI, poor performance, poor customization (lots of advanced features but missing important options like colorspace, output engine (EVR), HD Audio configuration, etc), audio/video lag on most MKV's.

more coming soon..
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My vote would be for XBMC. I know it's not just a player per se, but it has it's own player built in and nothing else is needed. I know it's not for everyone as hardware acceleration is just now starting to work in Windows, but that was never an issue for my quad core processor.
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+1 for xbmc. I dont even know what a codec is? Super easy and about as snazy as you could ever want.
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The best is mpc-hc, but you need a front end for it which can be MediaBrowser via WMC or XBMC
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I'm interested in both XBMC and using a "front end" for MPC-HC. How is the setup for either of these options?
Personally, since XBMC doesn't do TV tuning, I've never tried it. I will look into it as a media player alone.
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Other Play your forgot! (Please specify and let the rest of us know!)

Blu-ray plugin for GBPVR. Seamless integration into my PVR software of choice.
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Thanks for the votes, people! Be sure to tell us why you like the player of your choice.
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MPC-HC so far, have had the least amount of troubles setting up and using to play my bd rips.
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MPC-HC, easy standalone exe, constant updates and stable. I would like to have the filters and others for HD audio bitstreaming to be included in the MPC-HC eventually
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