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Looking for a system to fit my new home's wiring setup...

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I just purchased a new home and the previous owners had a home theater system set up in the bedroom. The TV was wall mounted and there is in-wall wiring for 5 built-in surround speakers and a connection for a sub. There are also additional hookups for wired speakers in the living room and on the deck. I'm pretty sure the previous owner had a Bose Lifestyle system but I've read mixed reviews about Bose products, specifically in terms of the price/performance ratio. Also, I'd like Blu-Ray compatibility and Bose doesn't offer this right now as far as I can tell. Are there any other smaller HTIB systems besides Bose that allow connections to additional room wired speakers? Or am I stuck with paying $2k for a Bose system that doesn't even let me play Blu-Ray without connecting a separate box? I know I could buy a full size receiver but would prefer to stick to something smaller for a bedroom environment. Any help would be much appreciated!
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You are severly limiting yourself by wanting a smalle reciever. Plus all those inputs will go to waste in your house with out a proper reciever

These Blu-ray reciever combinations would not even be compatible with your current set-up and I really doubt the previous home owner had a Bose set-up as Bose doesn't have inwall speakers nor the ability to support it last time i checked

Now when you say wiring for Built in surround speakers you mean built the speakers are built into the wall or just the connections

With the right universal remote you can hide your reciever and Blu-Ray player so they would be out of site
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Actually, I'm sure it was a Bose system, a Lifestyle, I think. The room has wiring built-in and connections for the speakers, and the owner actually left the satellite speakers attached, but not the subwoofer, so I'm going to pretty much need to buy an entire system or a receiver and a sub, at least. The speakers in the other room and on the deck are built-in and the wiring is run through the attic. I think the Lifestyle has an attachment for add-on wired or wireless speakers, and that's how the previous owner had things set up. I know it's a stretch, but I was just wondering if there's another system that might work. I could redirect the wires for the other rooms' speakers to my den, buy a HTIB system for the bedroom, and use my regular receiver to control the built-in speakers, but it seems like a lot of hassle. The bedroom is a little small to have a full audio system in place, even if I tucked it out of the way, so I'd rather not use multiple components in there if I could avoid it.
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Well I use to run the audio through out my fraternity house through just one reciever. Granted I was useing a reciever with an external amp.

The reciever itself had A and B speakers which could be run all at the time time. The A speakers were for the main room and then off the B speaker I had a Multi-Speaker selector.

So I could have the reciever in the bar room with A turned on so those speakers would be on and then B on and with the Multi Speaker selector I could get switch the speakers on the selector as to which speakers I wanted on from set B, upstairs parlor, outside bbq, or kitchen.

Now if you are willing to spend big bucks you can get a remote to link them all together and can control it from that.

If you already got the bose speakers in your bedroom you really should go with reciever and then have a subwoofer to make up for the fact that the bose is missing one.
So buy a Subwoofer, a Reciever that can run both an A set and B set and then get Multi Speaker selector. So A would control the audio in your bedroom surround and then B set speakers you will run to a Multi Speaker Selector which will hold all the different speakers around the house. So all you will have to do it turn on the reciever B set and then select the other speaker set from the B set on the selector. Also top it off with a good none wireless remote.

Most people only running music off iPods these days some of the Denon Recievers models accept the wireless iPod dock. So put the reciever in a closet and you are golden

To do what you want to do you need something that is not all in one. Trust me here
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