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Moxi seems to think there is no need to make an OTA HD recorder. I wonder if we have enough users on AVS Forum to post an email to for them to develop one.
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There are quite a bit of users on this thread below


that thinks there may not be a need to make an OTA HD recorder
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Probably not. Digeo was working on such a device, but it went out the window with a few other in-development products. Also, in general the OTA-only market doesn't want to pay the sort of price a DVR would run (not all, but many either don't find TV that important, or haven't the money to do it). TiVo can, and the E*/Sling DTVPal DVR does, but other than those or building your own HTPC DVR, there aren't many options, because there aren't many potential buyers.
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Roll your own PC. Plenty of options and once you get it working, way better than any stock DVR anyway.
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