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please help with new 5.1/7.1 build

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Hello all. I am new to the forum. 1st of all I give props to all the information and the tall dollar systems I have seen while trolling! If anyone could help me build a system I would be greatfull.

I want to upgrade my ht
sony str de 995(4yrs old)
mission bookshelfs and center(73c series 14 yrs old) 5.1
jbl e250 sub(keep I hope)

I am thinking of moving to
polk 70s*2(mains)
polk 40s*2(surrounds)
polk 30s*2(rears)
polk cs2(center)
for 7.1

or polk tsi400*2(main)
polk tsi200*2(surround)
polk tsi100*2(rears)
polk cs20(ceanter)
for 7.1

I would like to know from you gurus if I should pick the monitor series or the tsi and witch reciever like onkyo or yamaha would be a good setup. I want to keep the reciever under 1k for a entry/mid level. I hope I have included enough information.

thank you. Any help/advice would be great.
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What is your budget for total system cost? After we know that we can help you out. But remember most of this stuff is subjective, so listen to the advise but go out and demo different speakers and systems so you can hear for yourself what you like.
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just a note... the only "real" difference between the Polk Monitor line and the TSi line is upgraded esthetics. For all practical purposes the "guts" are the same, or very nearly so, and it comes down to a huge price differential for improved "looks".

To compare apples to apples, you would need to consider the TSi500 as a direct competitor for the Monitor 70's. The TSi400 = Monitor 60.

With www.newegg.com pricing and free shipping, the Monitor series wins hands down. (if you can wait and watch for one of their coupon sales on the Monitor 70's, you can save even more $$$).

As to a receiver, start with these models in each manufacturer's lineup and then move up-price until you find the receiver with all the "features" you want. Denon 590, Onkyo SR507, Yamaha V465, Pioneer 819. I have not keep up with the Harman/Kardon lineup, but I'm sure others will help out here. Each of these models has full audio and video processing, including decoding lossless HD audio codecs, over HDMI cables.

If you want to consider another speaker line-up, price out a full system of Infinity Primus speakers, starting with the P362 towers. Unless you find a great sale, they are a little more expensive than the Polk's, but they are the direct competition to the Polk Monitors as a super "bang for the buck" speaker setup.
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For music polks were too bright for me. The monitors are the same speakers as the tsi's but in a older cabinet. Speakers don't wear out unless they've been abused so your fronts may still be ok and just need to add rears or buy new fronts and move your Missions to the rear. Newer speakers may sound better when you go audition them because they are generally brighter sounding. This might be ok for HT but not for music.
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great infor so far. I guess I forgot to mention that I wanted to spend about 1500-1800 total for speakers and avr. I've read good things about yamaha and onkyo recievers. BTW wich one would sound best with polks?
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vanmeter, great info. thank you!
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your welcome ! I would also consider the Denon a/v receivers - excellent built and solid specifications. They can be a little fussy to set up, but a great member of this forum, "batpig", has written an excellent "Denon dictionary" to translate Denon-speak to instructions mere mortals can understand. http://batpigworld.com/

Frankly, ANY of the major brand a/v receivers will do well. They will all drive the Polks or Infinities to normal levels and above. Your room size will have an effect on how much power and "overhead" you will need out of a receiver.
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