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Networking My Computer to Two Rooms for Audio and Video

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I'm trying wire my computer through VGA to my monitor in one room, and my TV and surround sound in another.

My problem comes from trying to find a piece of equipment that will allow me to hook up a keyboard and mouse, audio equipment, and a VGA monitor in each room to my computer in one. I know wireless keyboard and mouse sets, as well as wireless audio will not work very well over 15-20 ft. Also I can not connect the audio through digital TOS, so I would have to have three 3.5mm outputs for audio in each room.

Are there any suggestions? Wireless would be nice, but I wouldn't mind doing it through ethernet or coax either.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Can't help you with the outputs, but for input, as long as you have a WIFI-Enabled laptop, u can "talk" and control your desktop from anywhere in the house. iPhone/Touch may also work.
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Are you trying to use your computer in different rooms OR listen to music/watch videos?
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Forget trying to use analogue outputs to get audio to both rooms. Splitting an amplified analog signal and extending it to multiple rooms is not a good idea, as the audio will sound terrible. Is there a reason you don't want to use TOSLink ? Even if you don't use TOS, at least use Digital Coaxial (S/PDIF). You can output through a digital port, to a pre-amp to play audio where the computer is, and use the digital audio-out to bring the audio to an amp in the other room. The sound will be MUCH better. For the video, all you need is a DVI or HDMI splitter to go to both screens.
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I'm using a video card that has a dongle for connecting monitors. It actually has two dongles - one is twin VGA and one is twin DVI (but can be VGA with a cheap DVI-VGA adapter). See http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=180467543092. I don't know what type of expansion slots your PC has, but I have used these in both AGP and PCI-E forms. I just run one to each monitor and tell the pc to clone the desktops. Digital coax splitters are pretty cheap, too, so you can run digital audio to each location. I'd run a USB cable to both rooms and put a wireless mouse and keyboard receiver in each room. You didn't mention how far apart the PC is from the systems, so none of this may work for you. I know we regularly run VGA on a 50' VGA cable to a projector. The only problem we've had is that some outlets are on a different 'leg' of the elec. service. In these cases, there is a line that goes up the screen (60Hz?). Digital eliminates that, as does plugging into a different outlet.
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ZeeVee has a product specifically for this - the 100 (I think it is about $250 ish) comes with a remote that acts as a mouse - puts the computer video on coax modulated so you get it in the second room.

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Found a relevant thread in the Dedicated HT subforum, a work in progress, covering Media Center Extenders and such.
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I'm looking to do a similar task as the original poster. I want to use my computer in my computer room for games and such. Then I want to run audio/video cables to my tv room so that I can watch movies out there from my PC. I tested a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and they can access my computer from the tv room. The video is easy to do with my card that has dual DVI ports. But I'm not sure how to do this with audio so that I can choose where the sound goes. I was looking at the following audio card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16829111002. Would this be a good idea to try?
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