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Mitsubishi WD 62327 -black dots -help

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I have tried to find an answer to this with limited success, so I am posting this for help. I have an inherited Mitsu WD 63327 that on all screens has upwards of 40(or more) black dots on the screen. Most people say DLP has limited chances of stuck closed mirrors, but that is what I think I have. The black dots as the size of the "pixel", when I get close to the blue sceeen. They don't move around either. They fill the "pixel' and don't spread outside of it. (I know pixel) is the wrong term. I don't feel it is dust on the reflecting mirrors as that would cause larger spots I believe. I think I need to replace the light engine, but I wanted to try to get some solid advice before doing this. Can anyone confirm my opinion? Does anyone have any other ideas on what might be the cause of the black dots all over the screen? Thanks for any help!
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That sound like the DMD board or the digital video board, first of all lets try this. Press the menu button on your remote once the tv is on. See if the menu is displayed perfectly is the black dots also affect the menu or its distorted in any other way, then it’s the DMD, if not, then it’s the digital video board.
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OK, when I turned the TV on to a blue screen and pulled up the menu...the black dots were in the same places. The menu had no effect on the black dots position , size or shape. I did a closer count..there are actually hundreds of them probably, all over the picture. Would relacing the light engine cover both of these areas(DMD or video board)? Your thoughts?
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Then it’s very probable the DMD board, you see that board acts like the brain of the tv, it gathers all of the elements that compose the picture you see on the screen (light, color, pixel distribution, sound, etc.) so when black or white dots appear on the screen it means the distribution of the picture is not correct, thus the one in charge of that is the DMD. See if you can buy just the board, search it buy part number, if unsuccessful then you’ll have to buy a new light engine with DMD included.
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I've replaced the engine and the dots are gone..but the picture is not so good. I saw other DLPs had a "data copy procedure" and this was not in my manual. Does anyone know if I need to copy the data for the light engine to work properly? If so, do you know the proper codes to get into the copy area?
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So the dot issue is resolved with a new light engine? Did you check if the board was available separately? I've got the same problem with my WD-73833. Several black dots and a couple of white flickering dots. I don't have a service manual yet so I'm wondering how difficult it is to replace the light engine and how much was it approx? Also, DMD seems to be what Samsung refers to for their logic boards but does anybody know what Mits calls theirs?
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The black and/or white dots are always the result of a failed DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device). This is also referred to as the DLP chip. This chip contains hundreds of thousand of tiny movable mirrors. They each represent a pixel. In short, a black dot is caused by a defective mirror that is stuck in a position that does not reflect the light to the screen. A white dot is a defective mirror that is stuck in a position that lets all light reflect to the screen. Full on (white dot) ----Full off (black dot).
With Samsung DLP's, the DLP chip can be replaced separately.
For Mitsubishi, The entire light engine must be replaced. (so they say)
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I actually have the same problem and after talking to a more than a few technicians they all agreed that replacing JUST the DLP chip would fix the issue, however, they each want to charge about 200 bucks to replace the damn thing. I looked around and there are a ton of DIY videos with more than enough information to help out. Not to mention the chip alone costs like 159 smackaroos. http://www.shopjimmy.com/samsung-mitsubishi-toshiba-4719-001997-dlp-chip.htm?utm_source=csr&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=am

Here's a couple of the tutorials I've found.

TVs amirite? Stupid sexy chips.
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I have a Mitsubishi WD 60735, It's just a little over 4 years old. A few months ago I noticed one white dot and figured it was a pixel gone bad. Within a few days the one white dot turned to 3, then 20 then what looks like hundreds.. Also sometime during the white dots multiplying I had a few black spots shooting up with the same outcome as the white ones. Now 3 months later I have what looks like hundreds of white spots and twice as many black spots.

I called Best Buy who I purchased the tv from with no help at all because I am out of warranty. So after reading this forum and seen where several of y'all contacted Mitsubishi with positive results I figured what the heck all they can say to me is no, your tv is out of warranty.. To my Surprise the polite guy I talked to told me it is out of mfg warranty however Mitsubishi will give me the parts I need for No cost and will have a repair man come out to me to fix the tv at a flat cost of $200. no more no less! So for just a little more than the part would have cost me Mitsubishi will send a professional out to repair my set...

I am 46 yrs old and I can't remember Ever a company take responsibility and give such great service when they did not have to. after all I was out of warranty and chose not to purchase the extended warranty.

So people if you are experiencing this issue and felt at a lost please call Mitsubishi and explain the problem, it is true that they will help take care of the issue regardless of being out of warranty.

I never take the time to post on forums but after my call to Mitsubishi I felt compelled to post here to not only praise Mitsubishi but to confirm the statements made by others that Mitsubishi will take care of this! smile.gif
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