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Lost HDCP Connection

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I have a Panasonic plasma tv and comcast HD box. Both are connected directly via HDMI cable. When i turned on my TV, there is a message display "Lost HDCP connection with your display. Trying to re-establish HDCP connection". Everything is working fine and the message will stay for around 15 seconds. I am not sure what the problem is. The display and audio are both ok during the message display. Sometimes this message display will appear when i first turned on the TV, but sometimes it will not occur.

Does anyone ever experience this before? Thanks
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Interesting you should post this a week ago - I have exactly the same configuration you are running, and am getting the same message with semi-random frequency. Anyone else seeing this?
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Sounds like a hardware issue with one of your components. Do you both own the same Panni or have the same comcast box? And have either of you tried different HDMI cables? Start with swapping cables and go from there...
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This is becoming more of a problem as the new LED. 3D LED, TV processing requirements have to keep up with the Hollywood Movie Sound standards/Pictures.
Just in case you do not know, INTEL designed the HDCP secure authentication standard to connect compliant devices, cables and content together seamlessly under a specific backwards compatible standard. HDMI 1.3 or new 1.4.
Well you have guessed it !!!
Different manufacturers have equipment made in multiple locations and their distribution chains spread these over the world. Hence NO 2 boxes exhibit the same fault. (black picture or just a flashing source trying to connect graphic, that just will NOT sync and display)
Even changing the cables can have differing results!!
The long and the short of it is...., AT THIS TIME, unless you are able to try different boxes, cables with your primary display (projector, TV etc) you can NOT guarantee they will work, (a) First time (b) consistently.
I have changed many a configured system of inputs-outputs switches, cat5/6e extenders only to find that there is no common factor that eventually sorts this encryption issue out. Just box swapping seems to be the way. Of course you have to have a very understanding supplier!!!
There is also no way to monitor this process of encryption acquisition, since it all happens behind the scenes.

Even in point 2 point installations. IE, Sat/DVD box 1 cable ad then TV/Projector. Will not allays work.


This is a classic box development of new technology NOT soak tested with the same model numbers or various connection scenarios.

Sorry but keep on Swapping!!!
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I would say HDMI is a manufacturer's nightmare. For a moment I read Microsoft instead of Intel. Anyway whoever developed it created a problem for manufacture's and users. I guess even staying with one company for all you AV and HT needs would help but it is not always possible like in the case of cable boxes. I am confident someone could of come up with something as secure but much more user friendly and less costly.
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I found this thread with a google search when I had the same problem. There was no specific solution so I kept looking and playing with my setup. I eventually found a simple solution and decided to pass it on.

The message came from the Comcast RNG 110 box and the solution was as easy as unplugging the power input, waiting a while, then plugging it back in.

I realize that this won't work in all cases but if you get this error message start with a reboot.
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have a comcast dvr box and a Sony HDTV- connected box to tv via hdmi and used component out to feed sling box. This set up worked for 1 year. Lost the hdmi connection 2 days ago. Did disconnected power to reboot, changed hdmi cables, changed hdmi inputs. Component still provide picture but hdmi no signal in any scenario- any other suggestions, other than replacing box
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