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Microwave popcorn in theater popcorn machine?

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With the Costco deal on Orville's microwave popcorn, it would be alot cheaper for me to open up some packets and try them in my "Roosevelt" theater popcorn machine than buying prepacks (since they would have to be shipped to me). I just popped 3 batches with the first one just put in the kettle while it was cold. That batch didn't come out very good but the next two looked a lot better. I am waiting for the deck heater to dry the popcorn out a bit before I try it.

Has anyone tried this and have any thoughts or suggestions?

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The popcorn was very salty and not nearly as good as the bulk Act IV popcorn, oil and salt/flavoring from Sams. Oh well, worth a try I guess.
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What is "bulk Act IV popcorn, oil and salt/flavoring from Sams." Is this a tri-pack portion pack?
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Bulk "Act II" popcorn is microwave popcorn that comes in a case. I've never head of "Act IV" popcorn. I assume you mean "Act II" microwave popcorn by Congra Foods.
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bought Act II 50 lb bag of yellow kernal popcorn at Sams along with a gallon of Act II popping and topping oil and a 1 lb of Act II buttery popcorn salt. Made my own "Prepacks" with my vacuum sealer and it is nearly as good as Mega Pop prepacks IMHO. I like the Act II buttery popcorn salt better than Flavorcal that I picked up in a trip to Las Vegas to see my parents.

I don't have anywhere in the Denver area where I can buy the prepacks and shipping costs is a killer. I keep the popcorn refrigerated to extend the life. I figure if I toss 1/2 of the popcorn I still come out $$ ahead.

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You are actually sealing up portions of corn, oil and salt?
Why not just measure and load straight into the kettle?

The fridge may dry the popcorn out. I would store the popcorn in a cool dry place.
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This is slightly off-topic, but what is the ActII Popping and Topping oil? I use coconut oil right now in my kettle, is this just a blended oil? Or is it just the 'buttery topping' used in theaters?
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I have some. Just ran downstairs to read the ingredients!
It partially hydrogenated soybean oil and artifical butter flavor and beta carotene. Same as most other topping oils. I prefer the "Supur Kist" flavor a little better, however, so I buy that more often. Lou Ana MorGold Plus makes a good topping oil that used to be my favorite, but, that is harder to find. Coconut oil is usually deemed the standard for popping corn since it doesn't leave as much carbon I've been told.
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Just an FYI, you may not want to store popcorn in a refrigerator. This tends to "dry out" the popcorn kernals. You don't want this. Popcorn needs it's moisture content to "POP". Without that tiny bit of moisture in each kernal, no steam can be produced, and, the result.....an old maid. Store popcorn kernels in a kitchen pantry.
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.. in the refrigerator? All of mine are vacuum packed.

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I didn't catch the vacuum sealed portion of your post. It sounds like you have prepared your packets better than the large popcorn producers of portion packs that are not vacuum packed, and indeed are not even air tight, sometimes. There are numerous arguments for and against storage in the refrigerator, but, we suggest the guidelines of The Popcorn Board (www.popcorn.org) and agree that the air inside refrigerators is dryer than normal household conditions and does nothing to help prevent the popcorn from drying out.
Text from popcorn.org website: "Storage Tips
Without moisture -- (13.5 percent to 14 percent per kernel is needed) -- popcorn can't pop. That's why it's important to store popcorn correctly. An entire percentage of moisture can be lost if your kernels are left uncovered on a hot day. And though that may not sound like a lot, it adds up. A loss of 3 percent can render popcorn unpoppable. And even a 1 percent drop in moisture will harm the quality of your kernels.

So what's the best way to store popcorn? Airtight containers -- plastic or glass -- are your best bet to avoid moisture loss, especially when stored in a cool place like a cupboard. Avoid the refrigerator. Some say the cold storage makes the popcorn taste better, but many refrigerators contain little moisture and can dry out kernels."
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