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Need advice on electronics for Swan D2.1 SE

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Hey Guys, with the help of some great guys and their advice here, I have placed an order for a pair of Swan D2.1 SE. Now that I have the speakers, I am looking for advice on all the rest of the things I need to complete the setup.

I am looking for advice on 5.1 or 7.1 electronics to drive these speakers. For now, just this pair will do for me but will eventually planning to add the rest of the speakers and possibly a sub. The room size is 16 x 16.

These speakers like a lot of current and apparently 4 ohm Emotiva and HK do a great job driving these speakers but I am open. Any advice on some specific models will be greatly appreciated.

The system will be used for listening to music but rarely to watch movies. I do have a limited budget which is about $500.
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1)Are you wanting to run hdmi to your tv from the receiver?
2)What do you plan on inputting into the receiver and what type of cables will they connect with?
3)Do you want to have a zone 2 or zone b (speakers in other rooms later on)?

Answers to these questions and others might help people make suggestions for you. I am researching as well, so I can't help much. Here are some others' threads:

That is a good thread and you could find avr's close to your budget in there.

I think that is a good recent one but it got a little out of control.

A lot of pioneer suggestions in that one.

There's a very recent one.

And that one might help. Well that's about all I can do to help, as I am just in the same boat as you and seeking info. Good luck.
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You guys have been real quiet on me (except for mphfrom77 that is.) Thanks a lot. Very useful threads.

Thanks to the material and advice here and elsewhere, here is what I ended up purchasing...

Oppo BDP 80
Pioneer VSX 9040 TXH
Swan D2.1 SE for R & L
Energy Take 5.0 for Sorround and Center

I just hooked the system up (just out of the box) and listening to it and i couldn't be happier. Of course I need to play with it more and optimize it.

I still need to get a sub. I am thinking of HSU STF 1.

So much for my initial budget
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Congratulations! That system looks awesom. I have heard people suggesting the STF-2. At its current discounted price it is only $20 more than then STF-1.
here's their frontpage for discount reference http://www.hsuresearch.com/index.html
HSU has its own forums where you can ask questions. Maybe Dr. Hsu might even answer those questions. He answered a question that I had posted there.
Congrats and good luck.
Let us know what you think of the system. I would be especially interested in what you think about the avr.
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I am glad you liked the setup. Thanks to your advice I have placed an order for the STF 2. For $20 more, it was not a difficult decision to make. But it will be a couple of months before I can check out the entire system in detail though. I'll update my impressions at that time. In the meanwhile here are some reasons why I liked the AVR... Preouts, Its actually the vsx-21thx Elite model in disguise, Amazing reviews from owners, 110 W per channel, THX certified, Native iPod support ($100 worth attachment with some receivers) although I am not a great fan of listening from an mp3 source, From what I have seen it seemed like a great deal for its specs. But listening is believing, I can say I am quite happy to the extent I was able to play with it.
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